GSBVH: Chapter-69


Ling Zhen was fully ready when she ran into Zheng Qian Qian who was wearing a flaming red dress.

Zheng Qian Qian looked up and down at her and said, “Although I expected this result earlier, can you show some mercy on us mortals?”

The girl looked like an immortal fairy in a pale pink skirt, with white and bright skin.

Because of the praise, Ling Zhen was happy, she curled her lips and smiled, “You are looking  pretty too.”

The two went to the shooting location together. The red carpet was ready, and there were many fans of various artists. 

Ling Zhen actually saw the flower basket with her name written among the piles of Shen Yan Chu, Zheng Qian Qian, and Zhou Yun.

Shen Yan Chu was standing in the middle of the crowd while chatting with the producer. 

The male lead, Ye We Ttian role was played by him. The male lead was a high-spirited young man with a kind of heroic spirit in the “Questions of the Immortals” drama.

Ling Zhen just glanced at him and quickly moved her gaze elsewhere. So she didn’t see that Shen Yan Chu also noticed her. After taking a look at her, there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

The ceremony officially began, and the many elder artists took turns to give speeches and accept questions from the media. 

Then, the male and female lead artists uncovered the red cloth on the camera together, and the other actors also received red envelopes as lucky money.

Ling Zhen had nothing to do and followed the whole process.

In the afternoon, the crew went straight to shoot the first scene.

Before her scene started, Ling Zhen was reviewing the script alone, so that she could get into the state quickly. 

From behind her, a voice came, “How are you preparing?”

When Ling Zhen looked up, the person was actually Shen Yan Chu. She didn’t show the surprise on her face, and faintly nodded, “It’s okay.”

“I am still saying that…” Shen Yan Chu looked at her and said, “I hope we can put aside the past and cooperate well.”

Hearing this, Ling Zhen frowned. But before she could say something, another sharp female voice interrupted her, “Oh, what are you whispering?”

Liu Ruo seemed to be watching them, and with an inexplicably bitter tone she said, “So, you didn’t really want to chase the male lead when you joined the crew??”

When she said that, even Shen Yan Chu frowned.

He knew very well that Ling Zhen hadn’t contacted him privately for a very long time, and she was here today after winning the favor of the majority of netizens with her brilliant makeup photos.

Ling Zhen was really annoyed by this person, but at this time the director had already begun to shout, “The actor stands in place!”

Liu Ruo’s move was to stand up for her little sister. Ling Zhen didn’t have time to play with such a brainless follower. 

She frowned and tidied up the mood then went for the shooting.

It wasn’t until the evening when she was talking with Wei Xi that she began to complain, saying that there was a woman in the crew who was weird. 

She always seemed to be watching her, and cynically commenting on her.

After hearing this, Wei Xi looked a bit gloomy and asked in a low voice, “What is her name?”

“It’s not important…” Ling Zhen didn’t really want to file a complaint, she just wanted to vent, and that’s it. 

“Have you eaten yet?”

After she did not continue to say, Wei Xi did not ask but remembered the matter in his heart.

“Well, I eat it.”

After a few words, Ling Zhen couldn’t help showing a proud face, and said to him, “I officially shoot a floating look today, and many people praised me.”

She wanted to change Wei Xi’s bad aesthetic, so she sent him a photo taken in the mirror.

“See this, it looks good! The quality is much better than the cyan one.”

After seeing the photo, Wei Xi saved it, looked at it carefully for a long time, and said, “It looks good.”

The girl’s figure looked exquisite, and the clothes were absolutely fit, vividly outlining her body.

Wei Xi’s eyes turned dark, it was too attractive.

Someone will want her…

Ling Zhen was still twittering, “In addition to this one, there are several others.”

As she was talking, the door of the room was suddenly knocked on.

Wei Xi’s eyebrows twitched, “Who is looking for you?”

Before Ling Zhen had time to speak, the person outside the door had already spoken.

“Ling Zhen, are you busy now??”

Wei Xi’s eyes sank.

It’s a man.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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