GSBVH: Chapter-68


The next morning, Xiao De came on time to call.

Ling Zhen changed her clothes and went to open the door for him.  

The man standing outside was wearing exquisite makeup and looking brilliant, making even Ling Zhen feel ashamed as a girl.

Xiao De stood outside the door holding the breakfast and glanced at Ling Zhen who had just woken up.

The face hadn’t been washed yet, the skin looked as white as porcelain. It looked clear and delicate.

Even if the hair was messy, it didn’t hide the beauty of the owner in the slightest.

“…” Seeing her, Xiao De was plainly sour, “Why!!”

Hearing it, Ling Zhen was puzzled, “Huh?”

Xiao De sadly walked in with the breakfast, “You go and wash up first. I have already greeted the makeup team in the crew, and we will go straight to the shoot later.”

Ling Zhen obeyed the arrangement, “Okay.”

After breakfast, Xiao De took Ling Zhen to the makeup artist.

The work of makeup artists had always been to conceal the flaws and highlight the advantages. But after seeing the perfect white face, they also shouted like Xiao De — Why!

Today was the beginning ceremony of the shoot. 

In addition to Ling Zhen, other actors would also come over. However, a bigger actor might be equipped with her own stylists. 

For example, Zheng Qian Qian brought her own team.

Ling Zhen sat in front of the makeup mirror and handed herself to the makeup artist. 

Not long afterward, the little sister of Jian Wen Yi who she met yesterday also walked in. 

According to Zheng Qian Qian, her name was Liu Ruo.

This person saw Ling Zhen at a glance, and felt immediately excited, “Oh…why don’t people who have a background these days have their own team??”

What she said was really lacking in EQ. 

Even though she wanted to speak against Ling Zhen, unknowingly with her rash words, she made the stylist who was doing the makeup unhappy.

The makeup artist who was applying eye makeup to Ling Zhen, rolled her eyeballs, and asked in a low voice, “Who is she talking to?”

Seeing the cute reaction, Ling Zhen also whispered, “I don’t know.”

The two eyes met and reached an agreement, and decided not to pay any attention to Liu Ruo.

Seeing their reaction, Liu Ruo was a little embarrassed and hated Ling Zhen even more. 

She and Jian Wen Yi were best friends, and she had heard that Ling Zhen was one of Shen Yan Chu’s admirers.

No one had ever thought that Jian Wen Yi’s role would be robbed by such a person. 

Listening to Jian Wen Yi, this woman seemed to have a little background. 

Liu Ruo felt that she might be here to spend time with Shen Yan Chu and fantasize about being in love with him. 

It happened that she also passed the audition and got selected to play the third female lead role in “The Questions of the Immortal”. 

Before coming to the crew, Jian Wen Yi asked her to pay more attention to this person.

Liu Ruo took a critical look at Ling Zhen’s appearance and hated her even more after seeing her face.

The makeup artist put extra care on Ling Zhen, and she became happier as she carefully applied makeup to her face. It took around two hours to put makeup on her face. 

Then she twisted her hair, braided it, and put the hair in a bun then she inserted a jade hairpin, and a fairy-like beauty appeared in the mirror.

The makeup artist was a young lady, seeing Ling Zhen’s face excitedly asked if she could take a picture, Ling Zhen nodded with a smile. 

The makeup artist took a shot at her from the best angle, and then proudly put it to Moments.

Ling Zhen was also very satisfied with her look. After her makeup and hair were done, she asked Xiao De to help her change into her clothes.

The person who was asked to put on Liu Ruo’s makeup was called away in the middle, and her makeup was done by the young lady who had just put on Ling Zhen’s makeup. 

The young lady put on a professional smile on her face, but her level of care was completely incomparable to how she applied makeup on Ling Zhen’s face.

After waiting for an hour, Liu Ruo looked in the mirror and finally understood that no one could offend the stylist.

What kind of stuff was she made into?

But the ceremony was about to begin and Liu Ruo had no choice but to put up with this rough makeup and hurriedly change into her shooting costume.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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Luna Felix
Luna Felix
5 days ago

These bullies in Chinese novels literally share the same brain cell 🤦