GSBVH: Chapter-67


The meal was very happy and Zheng Qian Qian was very talkative. She dragged her to chat for more than an hour, telling her that all kinds of gossip in the entertainment circle.

After dinner, as a senior, Zheng Qian Qian took Ling Zhen to meet the director and screenwriter, and their conversation lasted for almost two hours.

By the time Ling Zhen returned to her hotel room, it was already over ten o’clock.

Only then did she remember that she hadn’t called the big boss at home yet!

At the same moment, on the seventeenth floor of Qingxi, the president’s office light was still lit.

Wei Xi was sitting behind his desk. There were no documents on the desk, only his personal phone.

On the mobile phone screen, there were no text messages, no phone calls, only a black screen.

Wei Xi closed his eyes, and his cold white face showed no expression, but he knew that in the dark corner of his heart, a virus was continuously breeding.

If he hadn’t let her go, he didn’t have to wait…

Some instincts that he had strongly suppressed, were silently stretching out its poisonous tentacles.

——At that moment, the bell rang.

A ringtone abruptly resounded through the room.

Ling Zhen leaned on the bed before calling Ling Zhen, her long hair was draped over her shoulder, and she was wrapped in the soft quilt.

The video call request was connected as soon as it was sent.

Before Ling Zhen could react, her face appeared on the screen, but the other side was black.

Seeing the blackness, Ling Zhen was stunned, “Wei Xi??”

The voice was soft and concerned. Hearing his name in such a sweet voice, calmed Wei Xi’s, restless heart. 

After a few seconds, he said, “…Hmm.”

The hostility from earlier was dissipating, and his heart was soothed.

Looking at the person on the video call, Wei Xi’s dark eyelashes drooped. 

This person was his little wife. She legally belonged to him. 

Having ownership was a very reassuring thing.

Wei Xi’s sanity was quickly returned, and within a few seconds, he cleaned up his emotions, “What are you doing?”

Ling Zhen returned to her senses and realized that the angle she raised the video call was not good, so she raised her arm and changed it to a better angle before saying, “Just finished the dinner, and then Sister Qian Qian took me to see the director and screenwriters, they are all good.”

Wei Xi slowly tapped his fingertips on the table and changed to a relaxed posture.

Ling Zhen really wanted to find someone to share details of all of her social activities, and while talking to Wei Xi, she became a chatterbox.

“Do you know that Sister Qian Qian told me that a certain person surnamed Xiao really has a gold master since she was sixteen years old, she is still underage! Some of her teammates and fans also know about this, and they often use it secretly to step on her…”

Due to his work, Wei Xi occasionally came into contact with some deep and dark secrets of the entertainment circle. However, due to his personality, he was naturally not interested in “other” people’s news.

He lacked the ability to empathize, and he did not like to pay attention to many things that he had heard.

But it seemed this girl liked such unknown secrets.

Wei Xi lightly said, “Her teammates also have gold masters.”

Hearing it, Ling Zhen was shocked, “Huh?”

Wei Xi replied, “She has it at the age of fifteen.”

Now, Ling Zhen was more stunned.

This entertainment circle was really…! 

After thinking for a while, she thought, for a golden thigh like Wei Xi wouldn’t there be more people begging to hug it?!

Ling Zhen had a little gossip in her mind, and asked him, “What about you, Mr. Wei?”

The portrait on the phone screen was a bit distorted, and her smirk was a bit vague but was still looking pretty.

Wei Xi, “No, don’t worry.”

Ling Zhen thought to herself, when did she worry??

After chatting for a while, Ling felt sleepy. She yawned, wanted to say good night, and hung up. 

It was only then that she realized that Wei Xi had never shown his face from beginning to end.

Ling Zhen was a little dissatisfied with his action. She wrinkled her nose, and said, “You are not allowed to block the camera.”

Wei Xi listened and took the mobile phone from the table. But the rear camera he used showed the surrounding of the room.

Seeing the room, Ling Zhen found out that Wei Xi was still in the company and was a little surprised, “Why haven’t you gone home yet?”

Wei Xi slowly whispered, “Yeah.” 

Because it was boring to go back.

Wei Xi’s camera lens shook slightly, and Ling Zhen suddenly saw the emerald green tree. She suddenly smiled and said, “My wealth tree!”

Wei Xi curled his lips and took his phone close to the tree to show her.

“Not bad…” Ling Zhen was very satisfied with the placement of the tree, “Seeing the tree, it looks like you have taken good care of it!”

Ling Zhen checked the time, but she didn’t expect that she chatted for almost an hour with Wei Xi. She yawned again and waved, “Then I’m going to sleep, good night Wei Xi.”

Wei Xi looked at the screen and said, “Good night.”

See you tomorrow.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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