GSBVH: Chapter-63


Wei Xi stretched out his hand, raised Ling Zhen’s chin, and asked, “She beat you?”

Ling Zhen was afraid that he would continue to be angry, so she quickly shook her head, “No!”

Wei Xi’s eyes were gloomy, he carefully checked Ling Zhen’s face.

After confirming that Ling Zhen was safe and sound, he slowly turned his face and looked coldly at Ling Xuan.

Ling Xuan was aggrieved, and her heart was filled with jealousy, “I’m just looking for my sister, why did you push me?”

Listening to her voice, Wei Xi’s dark eyes became more irritable and hostile. 

He directly asked, “Wasn’t the lesson learned last time enough?”

Ling Zhen didn’t understand, but Ling Xuan understood the meaning immediately—he was talking about removing her from the audition!

Because of this incident, she was scolded harshly by the company. Originally, because of her sweet mouth, her agent favored her most favored among the newly signed artists. 

But after the last party, she was banned from the audition, and she was ridiculed everywhere in the company!

At that moment, Ling Xuan wanted to faint. She didn’t know that she would meet Wei Xi here. 

If she knew in advance, she would not have come here even if she was killed!

Mother Ling heard the vague words and asked her daughter, “What lesson? What’s wrong with you??”

No one answered.

Wei Xi’s eyes were sharp, and with a malicious voice he said, “If you dare to show up again in the future, it will not be as simple as losing resources.”

Ling Xuan’s face turned pale.

After speaking, Wei Xi pointed to the road gloomily, and said, “Now, get out.”

Ling Xuan’s face turned paler in an instant, she knew that this man could crush her to death like stepping on an ant, and he would never be soft on her. 

If she really didn’t go away now, she really wouldn’t be able to get along in the entertainment circle.

Ling Xuan’s hand trembled. She gritted her teeth, hurriedly grabbed Mother Ling’s hand, and quickly ran away.

The farce was finally over.

Wei Xi faced away from Ling Zhen and slowly exhaled, suppressing the deep hostility in his eyes before turning away.

Ling Zhen was holding a shopping bag in both her hands, and there was a trace of puzzlement in her doe eyes, a little cautious, but obedient.

After being silent for a moment, Wei Xi took the shopping bag away from her hand, and took Ling Zhen home, “Are you hungry?”

Ling Zhen obediently nodded, “I’m hungry.”

After speaking, she raised her head and glanced at the man next to her.

Wei Xi noticed her gaze and asked, “Huh?”

Ling Zhen stretched out her small hand and slowly patted his back, “Don’t be angry…it will affect your appetite.”

The warm temperature of her palm penetrated through the clothes and pressed on his skin, like a silent comfort.

Wei Xi looked down and softly said, “…okay.”

After coming back home, Ling Zhen suddenly thought of a question while she was unpacking the ingredients.

Wei Xi’s mood seems to be unstable now, and the day after tomorrow she had to leave for City B.

Although the second female lead role didn’t require much time, she still needed to spend a month in the crew. 

And she couldn’t observe the villain boss’s situation closely during this period, which was really a bit dangerous.

What should she do??…

In the big bedroom, Wei Xi was standing near the open window, blowing the cold autumn wind.

There was no restraint at this time.

He lowered his eyelashes to block his darkened eyes. Those extreme emotions that were difficult to control should be hidden.

Otherwise, it would scare the people away.

Wei Xi turned his back to the door. His black eyes were looking at the distant birds flying in the sky, not knowing what he was thinking.

At this time, the door was knocked.

Wei Xi turned around and saw Ling Zhen walk into the room, wringing her slender white fingers.

Seeing her, Wei Xi suppressed those emotions in his eyes and calmly looked at her, “What’s the matter?”

“That…” Ling Zhen thought about his earlier behavior and tentatively said, “Look, I’m going to City B on the day after tomorrow, huh?”

Wei Xi raised his eyebrows and said, “So?”

Ling Zhen reasonably tried to express her concern, “So…I wonder if you will feel a little lonely at home. If so, how about we do a small video chat every night?”

It would help her to monitor the ideological status of the big boss in real-time, so she could immediately cut off any possible signs of blackening in advance. 

And nurture a positive young man…she was a dedicated cannon fodder!

Wei Xi raised his eyes and silently looked at her across the room.

He didn’t like video calls. He had seen people holding their mobile phones and giggling at a small screen in the company.

At that time, Wei Xi felt that it was stupid.


Ling Zhen blinked, and cautiously asked, “Well??”

Wei Xi, “…”

“It’s good.”

But…she was different.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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Luna Felix
Luna Felix
5 days ago

Boss seriously is making it hard for me to find a man for myself. But I get him, I too hate video calls!!