GSBVH: Chapter-62


“It matters! Do you know how many people want to participate in that drama!” 

Mother Ling smiled and added, “Look, your sister had been preparing for this drama for a long time, but due to an unexpected situation, she had to give up.”

Hearing it, Ling Zhen slightly raised her eyebrows.

“Now that you are going to join the crew, you will be able to communicate with those directors and producers…”

“You just have to say something nice about your sister in front of them and see if there are any small roles for your sister in the crew!”

Understanding Mother Ling’s intentions, Ling Zhen felt funny in her heart and turned to look at Ling Xuan.

Ling Xuan’s temper flared up. She snorted, “I don’t care about your help. I don’t need your introduction!”

Ling Zhen nodded, “Okay, then I will definitely not introduce you.”

After speaking, she turned around and left. Seeing this, Ling Xuan’s eyes almost fell out.

Mother Ling pinched Ling Xuan, and quickly stopped Ling Zhen, “Hey! Your sister is just angry! How can she not want it? Any role is fine, as long as it is from “The Questions of the Immortal”!!”


Ling Xuan hated being ashamed in front of her sister the most. Now that her mother even begged to give her any role. She couldn’t stand her heart at all.

Ling Xuan angrily shouted, “Ling Zhen, I’m telling you, don’t think you have picked up a treasure and now you can go to the heavens. In the entertainment industry, luck is ever-changing…”

“No one knows, maybe I will be able to step on your head tomorrow!”

Ling Zhen thought, which day will she be able to go to the heavens? She was originally from there.

Ling Zhen didn’t have much time and she still had to prepare dinner, so she didn’t bother to pay attention to the madman, turned around, and walked towards the gate of the community.

Mother Ling had failed to achieve her goal, so how could she let people go? 

Seeing Ling Zhen leaving again, she strode forward and grabbed her arm, “I have something to discuss with you!”

Ling Zhen finally frowned, “Let go.”

Ling Xuan saw that Ling Zhen was holding a shopping bag in one hand and being controlled by Mother Ling in the other. 

So, with a heated head, Ling Xuan thought that this was a good chance to teach her, “How can you talk to your mother and elder sister like that? I think you owe a lesson…”

Ling Xuan raised her hand but before she touched Ling Zhen’s face, she felt a sudden pain! 

Then, a voice that was as cold as ice rang from her side.

“Who owes a lesson?”

Hearing the voice, Ling Xuan shuddered and then her wrist was pulled by a strong force causing her to fall directly to the ground.

Mother Ling on the side immediately stopped harassing Ling Zhen and with a distressed face went to help her daughter. 

She shouted, “Why are you pushing my daughter!”

Ling Zhen raised her eyes…Wei Xi?

In fact, Ling Zhen didn’t plan to wait and got beaten just now, but she didn’t expect Wei Xi to appear suddenly and stop Ling Xuan before her.

Seeing Wei Xi, Ling Zhen unconsciously felt relieved, but after taking a glance, she suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Wei Xi’s expression…

The color of the man’s pupils was as dark as black ink, and his face was looking ice-cold. A certain oppressive mood was overflowing, almost suffocating everyone.

When he looked at Ling Xuan, his eyes didn’t look like he was looking at a living thing at all, as if in the next second, he would pinch her to death.

Even though she had never seen him like this, Ling Zhen instinctively realized that this look looked like….blackening.

Ling Zhen suddenly felt bad…not good, she accidentally caused the villain boss to collide with the cannon fodder and blacken!

After looking back carefully, Wei Xi still had not left the blackening period, according to the timeline of the original plot.

And it seemed like even his blackening value had intensified this time. 

Although many plots have been changed due to Ling Zhen’s arrival, the plot was still advancing, and Wei Xi was still in danger of being stimulated and blackened.

Only after helping her daughter, did Mother Ling see that this man was her son-in-law.

Instantly her arrogance got weaker, with only a bit of a yin and yang tone remaining in her voice, “Son-in-law, you can’t bully others without knowing the situation? Xuan Xuan didn’t really mean to do anything!”

Ling Zhen sighed and thought, if you don’t want to die, just talk a little less!

Although she didn’t quite understand how Wei Xi suddenly became uncontrollably violent, she could still see the situation very clearly.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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