GSBVH: Chapter-61


In the Ling family, Mother Ling knocked on Ling Xuan’s door and earnestly signed. 

“Xuan Xuan, have you considered it?”

Since the voting results on “The Questions of the Immortal ” came out, Ling Xuan had been very irritable. Her temper was rising and the family had to follow her.

“I am not going!” Ling Xuan’s sharp voice came from the room, “Let me beg her?? Then I might as well die!”

“You kid…what nonsense are you talking about!” Mother Ling scolded, “Both of you are sisters, what can’t you ask her? The second girl hit such a stroke of big luck, isn’t it just to help you?”

When Ling Xuan heard this sentence, she overturned the glass of water with anger.


Why can Ling Zhen beat Jian Wen Yi and win the second female lead in “The Questions of Immortal”??

Who didn’t know that character was one of the most pleasing characters in the whole book, and it would definitely attract fans after the drama telecast! 

Why did such a good thing fall on Ling Zhen?!

Ever since she was a child, Ling Zhen had always been worse than her, her looks, her grades, even after entering the entertainment circle, she was always a bit shorter than her. 

But now, her mother asked her to ask Ling Zhen for help, so that she would speak nice things about herself in front of the director and screenwriter, and seek a role for her?!

On the day of voting, she even ridiculed Ling Zhen by sending a WeChat message, but now she couldn’t even offend this person! 

Ling Xuan yelled, “I won’t go to her! I will definitely be better than her in the future!”

For the first time, Mother Ling felt that her proud eldest daughter was a little ignorant. 

If you didn’t take advantage of such a good opportunity, then how would she survive in this circle in the future?

Thinking about it, Mother Ling’s tone hardened, “You have to go! I have to ask the second girl to find a good role for you! You will understand me in the future, Mom, this is doing this for your own good!”

After speaking, Mother Ling pushed open Ling Xuan’s room door and pulled the person from the bed, “Let’s Go!”

There were only two days left before going to City B for shooting. 

In order to consolidate her relationship with the big boss, Ling Zhen decided to cook a few more meals before leaving.

After putting on a mask, Ling Zhen went to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities. 

She bought some snacks, chose the ingredients for the dinner, and finally pushed the shopping cart to check out.

Carrying a shopping bag in one hand, she sent a voice message to Wei Xi, “Today’s Imperial Kitchen menu is  Roasted Pork, Stir-fried Mushroom with Egg Stew, and corn soup. Please come back and eat as soon as possible.”

A few seconds later, the opposite side received the message.

After Wei Xi turned on the phone and finished reading the text, his lips curled up, and his eyes stained with a soft smile.

At the moment, Mr. Wei was wearing a black silk shirt, looking casual and sexy. 

He was holding a water spray bottle in his hand and slowly taking care of the tree, flicking its leaves with his fingers. 

Hearing the message, he picked up his jacket and left the company.

Ling Zhen bought a lot of things, so she took a taxi home. After paying the fare, she carried the bag home.

But as she just walked to the gate of the community, she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Oh, such a coincidence, mom is about to call you!”

Ling Zhen turned around and saw a woman with curly hair, dragging reluctant Ling Xuan to her side.

Ling Zhen squinted her eyes…

Oh, it was the original owner’s mother. Speaking of her, she hadn’t seen her once since she came here. 

It was just that they made a few conversations on the phone, and it wasn’t very good.

Looking at her posture now, Ling Zhen intuitively felt that this mother was nothing good.

Mother Ling pulled Ling Xuan forcibly and came to Ling Zhen.

When she looked at the shopping bag in Ling Zhen’s hand, she asked, “You bought vegetables? Are you still cooking at home??”

Ling Zhen calmly said, “Hmm. Is there anything wrong?”

When Mother Ling saw her throwing up the stubborn words, she immediately smiled and said, “Mom went online and saw a lot of people are voting for you. Do you get selected as the second female lead in “The Questions of the Immortal”??”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Hearing it, Ling Xuan, who was next to her, looked even more upset. It seemed, she didn’t want to admit this fact at all.

Ling Zhen glanced at the two, feeling a little funny, “What’s the matter?”


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