GSBVH: Chapter-60


When Wei Xi went home, he smelt a sweet and fragrant aroma coming from the kitchen.

Ling Zhen was wearing an apron and while holding a large spoon, was busy cooking the soup.

She had recently improved her cooking skills and now she could easily make a table full of dishes.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Hearing the sound of the footsteps, Ling Zhen raised her head and smiled, “Are you back?”

Wei Xi entered the kitchen, leaned against the door, and looked at Ling Zhen with his arms folded.

Ling Zhen’s side face was very beautiful, her forehead was smooth, and the bridge of her nose was small and straight.

The apron on her body was red, and the straps were tightly fastened on the back, drawing out her thin waist.

She was looking seductive without knowing it.

Wei Xi’s gaze fell on Ling Zhen’s red dress, remembering that others praised He Xi for it.

But in his eyes, this apron was more good-looking than that dress.

Ling Zhen looked at the pot, and the soup was almost done. 

She scooped up the soup on a small spoon, blew it, turned around, and handed it to Wei Xi to taste.

“You taste it?”

As Ling Zhen suddenly got closer, the unique fragrance on her body pushed away the fragrance of the soup.

The smooth neck and thin waist were right in front of him. Wei Xi lowered his eyes, and his adam’s apple rolled.

Ling Zhen didn’t notice the change, she moved closer, and pushed the spoon directly to his lips, “Is it good?

Before tasting it, Wei Xi murmured, “…it looks good.”

Ling Zhen: “What’s looking good?”

Was it her pot of soup??

Wei Xi lowered his head, and with a hint of dumbness in his voice, he replied, “You.”

Ling Zhen was stunned.

Then she followed Wei Xi’s gaze and looked down at her clothes.

The clothes were very ordinary, even a bit vulgar, the red apron had a silly cat print on it.

Ling Zhen raised her head again and suddenly remembered that when she was in the studio that day for the photoshoot, the man calmly told her to change the cyan-colored clothes with an indifferent face.

And so now…?

Ling Zhen’s eyes slowly turned bad.

So, is this the villain boss’s aesthetic?? 

Didn’t she look better in that ancient costume than in this apron?

Fairy Ling Zhen was starting to get angry. She thought that this was a huge insult to her fairy appearance!

Wei Xi didn’t know why Ling Zhen’s expression gradually became annoyed, but he could clearly see the small flames that were slowly igniting in those black and bright apricot eyes making them shine brighter. 

Ling Zhen pursed her lips, took the spoon away from Wei Xi’s lips, and tasted it herself.

She swallowed, licked the spoon as if showing off, and angrily said, “No more for you.”

On the edge of the porcelain white spoon, Ling Zhen’s small pink tongue flashed by, and Wei Xi’s eyes darkened.

He pinched her wrist and asked, “Why?”

Ling Zhen didn’t want to explain, so she  turned around to take care of her soup, “There is no reason!”

For a few seconds, there was a sudden quietness in the kitchen.

When Ling Zhen didn’t hear any movement, thinking that Wei Xi was gone, she raised her hand to take the tableware from the upper cabinet. 

But at this moment, she suddenly felt heat behind her. Someone took her hand and placed a small porcelain spoon in it. 

The man’s chin was hanging on Ling Zhen’s shoulders, holding her hand in his hand, he took a spoonful of soup from the pot and fed himself.

Ling Zhen, “…”

Damn it, he fouled! 

The villain boss was really not a human!


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Luna Felix
Luna Felix
2 days ago

Thanks for the update Translator-nim. Looking forward to how there chemistry evolves more and the Boss and FL realise there feelings for each other