GSBVH: Chapter-6


Ling Zhen sighed in relief after leaving the male lead’s chat group. She wasn’t the original owner who liked the male lead so there was no need to still be part of that chat group.

Most importantly, her task was to appease the villain and stop his blackening.

So after leaving the chat group, Ling Zhen felt slightly relieved.

When the car stopped, Ling Zhen without asking any question obediently followed Wei Xi inside the hospital.

They walked into the secluded ward which was situated deep inside the hospital.

Wei Xi pushed open the ward door, and Ling Zhen went inside with him. After looking at her, the eyes of the old lady who was lying on the bed lit up for a moment. 

At that moment, Ling Zhen knew that she was right to follow Wei Xi to visit the hospital.

Wei Xi’s behavior was simple and rude, he put down the supplements and cosmetics on the table and quietly sat down on the stool in front of the bed without saying anything. 

A few moments later, the attending doctor of Wei Xi’s mother came over and asked Wei Xi to follow him outside for a chat.

Only Wei Xi’s mother and Ling Zhen were left inside the ward.

During this marriage, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have hardly been alone in the room like this time.

The marriage between the original body and Wei Xi was precisely a bargain. 

Because of Wei Xi’s extreme personality, his mother had asked a master to calculate his birthdate. 

The master said that Wei Xi’s violent attitude might cause a catastrophe in the future. And to avoid the catastrophe he must marry a noble person who could change his tragic fate. 

According to the master’s celestial calculation looking at birthdate and facial features, Ling Zhen was that “noble person”.

Wei Xi’s mother had asked about the original body and her parents’ views on this marriage. The original body’s parents only liked their eldest daughter Ling Xuan, so as soon as they heard the bride price, they happily sold their second. 

The original owner had no guts to resist her parents’ order.

Initially, Ling Xuan gloated on the original owner’s misfortune to marry a rich but old man, but once she happened to see Wei Xi, and she became jealous. 

Wei Xi was tall and handsome, and his family was super rich too. Ling Xuan didn’t want Ling Zhen to live in the Wei family. 

So after learning the news about Ling Zhen’s plastic surgery, she sneaked to meet Wei Xi’s mother and filed a complaint against her. She wanted to replace Ling Zhen and marry Wei Xi.

The original owner didn’t know that having plastic surgery was equivalent to breaking the noble pattern of her facial features. 

When Wei Xi’s mother heard the news that the only “nobleman” who could change Wei Xi’s fate had become useless. She suffered a huge blow because the master said that after this there was only a dead end.

Wei Xi’s mother was already fragile from sickness, and after this news, she couldn’t bear it and died.

According to the plot, Wei Xi’s mother would be dead in a few days. Although at the moment Ling Zhen had no spiritual power, she could still observe the breath on the human body.

The old lady’s face was indeed intertwined with dark light.

Wei Xi’s mother was unable to move her body, but she was still observing Ling Zhen. She had a feeling that her daughter-in-law’s personality had seemed to have improved. 

Her daughter-in-law was sitting still with a straight back, and there was a calm breath on her body.

She was no longer timid and bowed her head or hunched back as before. 

Ling Zhen obediently sat in a chair and asked her mother-in-law “How are you feeling?”

With a gentle smile in her eyes, Wei Xi’s mother said, “I feel well when I see you and A’Xi come to visit me together.”

Ling Zhen smiled gently and held the old lady’s weak hands.

This time, she came here to convince Wei Xi’s mother that she would live peacefully with Wei Xi. 

In the original plot, the original owner and the mother-in-law were unfamiliar to each other, which caused an outsider like Ling Xuan to easily get in between them.

Wei Mu was a very pleasant old lady, and she shouldn’t have such a tragic ending.

Moreover, Ling Zhen couldn’t bear the aftermath of Wei Xi’s mother’s death.

Ling Zhen sincerely said, “You must take care of yourself and try to live a long life,” 

Ling Zhen added, “I will try to visit you more often in the future.”

“Really and thank you.” 

Wei Mu was happy and said “There is no need. to visit this old lady more. If possible, when you are not busy, please try to accompany A’Xi more.”

Ling Zhen smiled and nodded.

Ling Zhen said, “Don’t worry, he is my husband and I will take care of him well.”

Hearing this, Wei Mu felt a big stone fall from her chest. She felt relieved. 

Mother Wei’s old face showed a twinkle and with slightly wet, eyes she said, “Thank you, thank you so much.”



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