GSBVH: Chapter-59


A pin-drop silence suddenly shrouded the conference room, and everyone looked at Zhao Yan with pity.

Zhao Yan’s eyes were dull, he turned his head and met the eyes of the man sitting on the main seat.

Wei Xi looked at him as if he was looking at a dead person with a smile but not quite a smile on his lips.

Wei Xi’s dark eyes churned with hostility as he asked, “Is she looking for you?”

Seeing the look, Zhao Yan hurriedly said, “Mr. Wei…boss…listen to my explanation!”

Ling Zhen felt a little strange when she didn’t get a reply after sending the text, for a long time.

She slowly drank the milk tea and only after finishing the cup, the other side finally returned the message.

“There is nothing missing, you can buy whatever you like. And…”

“The boss said that next time you can directly ask him about this kind of thing, you don’t need to ask others.”

Ling Zhen, “??”

She suddenly felt that this tone was a little weird, not quite like Zhao Yan’s style of sending messages.

And how could she ask Wei Xi about what he was lacking? And how could it be a surprise if she asked?

Ling Zhen thought for a while and texted, “Then Mr. Wei, is there today? Can I send the gift today?”

Zhao Yan, “Yes.”

Zhao Yan, “Sister-in-law, I have just been sent out on a business trip. You can ask someone else! See you if we are destined! [Cry]”

Ling Zhen, “???”

But although Zhao Yan didn’t help much, Ling Zhen finally thought of what she could give. 

She went to Wei Xi’s office before and felt that the overall simplicity was good but it was a bit lacking in vitality.

Ling Zhen made up her mind and turned around and walked into a large flower shop.

The owner of the shop was a young man. When the wind chime rang at the door, a slender young girl wearing a mask walked in. 

Although half of her face was covered, her brows looked very delicate.

The young man’s eyes lit up and he enthusiastically said, “Does the girl want to buy flowers? Today’s hyacinths are very fresh.”

Ling Zhen smiled and shook her head, pointing her white fingers to the corner of the flower shop, she said, “I want that.”

In Qingxi’s office, Wei Xi sat behind his desk and looked down at his watch.

It was already close to the end of working hours, people had begun to leave the seventeenth floor.

She was not here yet…

Someone said that she will send a gift today.

After a while, the office door was knocked, and Wei Xi raised his eyes, “Come in.”

The door opened, but it was not the person he imagined. He Xi stood at the door with several other executives. 

She smilingly asked, “Mr. Wei, today is my cousin’s restaurant opening day. We are all going there, would you like to join us?”

Today, He Xi wore a slim-fit red dress, outlining her hot figure, and several executives were standing with her.

Wei Xi had no expression, he looked down at his watch again, and said, “Go ahead.”

He Xi bit her lip and asked in a soft tone, “Why don’t you like it? It is the Japanese food you like, so I just wanted to invite you.”

The hearts of the people around were bursting with flowers, so they echoed,  “Mr. Wei, you see that Manager He dressed so beautifully today, so you can’t say no today?”

Wei Xi frowned, with a slight impatience in his dark eyes.

At this moment, the elevator door suddenly opened with a “dingdong” sound.

A security guy from the company carried a big box and came out, “Mr. Wei, this is your package.”

Wei Xi raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “Send in.”

Everyone’s invitation was refused so they were all curious about what was in this huge package.

The security guy moved to the open space of the office, took a knife out of his pocket, and cut the sealed tape, and a soft smell of grass suddenly came out.

Wei Xi stepped forward with a playful expression.

After removing the carton box, they finally saw what was in the box…

It was a huge, green, and rich tree!

Wei Xi stared at the potted plant with an unpredictable expression.

He Xi had a keen mind, and thinking of the voice in the afternoon meeting, she immediately realized that this was a gift Ling Zhen sent to Wei Xi.

He Xi covered her mouth and snorted, “Who gave this to Mr. Wei? The taste is too novice, right? It doesn’t match the style of Mr. Wei’s office.”

Other executives also agreed. 

They know that such a gift was amazing. The meaning of giving a tree was very good, but it was too conflicting with the temperament of their boss!

Wei Xi didn’t speak, staring at the potted plant for a while, he suddenly smiled.

Everyone, “?”

Then they saw Mr. Wei bent down, put his hands carefully on the edge of the porcelain basin, and with a slight force, he picked up the vigorous tree.

Then he directly placed the tree in the most eye-catching position next to his desk.

Everyone, “???”

He Xi’s expression turned ugly, she pinched the corners of her red dress, and then grinned stiffly.

“This tree is indeed auspicious to be placed here. Then, if there is nothing wrong, Mr. Wei, will you like to go with everyone?”

Wei Xi didn’t speak and looked down at the phone. Someone had sent him a message.

“Have you received the gift? Do you like it [Shy]? That tree is very alive, and it will give you a fortune! I made a table of dishes at home and waiting for you to come back and eat~”

Wei Xi curled his lips, he picked up the suit jacket on the back of the chair and took the car key.

He Xi raised a smile and asked, “Shall we go?”

Wei Xi strode away while saying, “I am going home for dinner.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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