GSBVH: Chapter-58


Ling Zhen had worked hard to appease the villain since she transmigrated into this book, so after achieving some result, she was indeed very happy.

“The Question of Immortals” would start by next week, and the filming location was the cinema city in City B. 

During this week, she had nothing else to do, so she made herself familiar with the script and packed the baggage she was going to take on this trip.

After eating breakfast, Ling Zhen put the rest of the food in the refrigerator and cleared the table. Then she picked a dress and went out to take a taxi to the mall.

She had decided to give Wei Xi a gift, so she had to choose it carefully. She didn’t have the courage to make the big boss wait.

The last time she came to pick a gift for Wei Xi was just not long after she came into this world. 

And the gift was purely to arouse the conscience of the big boss and save her life. So she finally bought two hardcover self-help books.

Looking back now, Ling Zhen felt that its effect seemed to be good.

This time buying gifts still gave Ling Zhen a headache. 

If she sent something luxurious, maybe it wouldn’t be uncommon for Wei Xi. Buying those kinds of things didn’t show sincerity. 

Ling Zhen strolled around the mall and found nothing, so after searching for a while she sat on the bench in the resting area, thinking hard.

After thinking about it, an inspiration suddenly came. 

She could simply ask Wei Xi what he was missing! Of course, she wouldn’t ask him directly…

In the meeting room of Qingxi, the department manager was making a quarterly project report for this year.

And a man in a black suit was sitting on the leather chair in the center. He looked unchangingly abstinent and handsome. 

Sitting next to him was Zhao Yan, who was intently looking at the projection screen.

Suddenly, the screen of the phone in his hand lit up.

Originally, Zhao Yan had just casually glanced at it, but when he accidentally saw the message id, he was stunned.


“The focus of our investment in the next quarter will still be on television dramas and movies.” He Xi was showing off her wavy hair with a confident and generous attitude while looking charming. 

“After investigation and data analysis, the most valuable investment is the script of idol drama “Wall of Heart”…”

Wei Xi’s gaze fell on the report, his expression looked focused.

Zhao Yan carefully glanced at him, and said to his heart, what game they both are playing? 

Picking up the phone, he hastily replied, “Sister-in-law, what’s the matter?”

During dinner last night, Ling Zhen added Zhao Yan’s WeChat, but she didn’t expect it to be used today. 

After sending “Are you busy?”, Ling Zhen went to buy a cup of milk tea while waiting for Zhao Yan to reply.

After Zhao Yan replied, Ling Zhen held her phone and sent a message, “I want to consult you about something…”

Zhao Yan, “You can ask.”

Ling Zhen’s typing speed was not fast, and she typed every word carefully before sending it.

“That…I want to buy a gift for Wei Xi, but I don’t know what to buy, so I want to consult you.”

Just after sending it out, the server shouted, “256, the milk is ready!…”

Ling Zhen quickly raised her head and went to the counter to get the milk tea. 

This time one of her hands was occupied so she was unable to type, so Ling Zhen had to change to a voice message.

Zhao Yan pretended to look at the big screen, and He Xi was still analyzing the advantages of the drama “Wall of Heart” to Wei Xi and the managers.

Zhao Yan nodded and while looking at the big screen he opened the WeChat dialog box.

But he didn’t know that the latest message was not a text but a voice. 

When his finger touched the message, the voice message was automatically played.

And a female voice suddenly sounded in the conference room, “For example…Is there anything lacking in your office??”

(Beauty Brute)

The meeting room instantly became silent.

The voice was soft and clear, and even with a trace of background noise, it sounded very pleasurable.

But the most frightening thing was, why did this voice sound familiar?


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Yu Yue
Yu Yue
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