GSBVH: Chapter-56


When the white wine was poured, a young manager surnamed Liu plucked up his courage and raised a glass to Ling Zhen and said, “Congratulations Sister-in-law, for taking the role of Fu Qing…we have voted for you!”

After that, the man drank the wine in one go.

Ling Zhen was not very familiar with the wine table culture, so she hesitated to pick up the goblet. 

Wei Xi slightly leaned against her and casually said, “You just take a sip.”

Before Ling Zhen could reply, He Xi, who was sitting opposite, blamed in a soft tone, “Mr. Liu, look at you, Ms. Ling can’t drink at first sight. Isn’t it embarrassing for you…this way, I’ll take this glass for Ms. Ling…”

After speaking, He Xi lifted the wine glass and emptied the glass in a very beautiful posture. Seeing this, others applauded her on the table. 

He Xi glanced over Ling Zhen with a slightly glamorous gaze, and finally, her gaze fell on Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen finally understood.

Earlier she didn’t understand why this woman kept behaving strangely…it was because she had thoughts about Wei Xi?!

Ling Zhen found it very interesting and couldn’t help but look at her.

The woman looked very good, with beautiful facial features, and could be a senior management member in Wei Xi’s company, presumably, her ability was also good. 

Except for her unpleasant personality, she thinks He Xi’s conditions were pretty good, and she might be able to match up with Wei Xi.

In the direction where Ling Zhen was looking, besides He Xi, there was also Manager Liu sitting next to her.

Ling Zhen unconsciously looked there for a while, and suddenly her one earlobe was gently pinched.

The movements were intimate, but the voice in her ears was deep and cold, “Does it look good?”

Ling Zhen tilted her head and saw Wei Xi leaning very close to her and his expression wasn’t very good.

“What…what’s wrong??”

Wei Xi stared at Ling Zhen for a few seconds, and the corners of his lips curled up, “It’s nothing…let’s eat.”

He Xi, who was sitting opposite, saw the movements of the two and her hand holding chopsticks unconsciously squeezed it tightly.

Halfway through the meal, Ling Zhen, who had sipped too much fruit wine, got up to go to the bathroom.

In another private room, someone was talking but she didn’t pay attention. But after she came out, she realized that the next door was also very lively, like a party was going on.

Ling Zhen didn’t care too much and hurriedly went into the bathroom. When she came out, she saw an unexpected person at the door.

Shen Yan Chu seemed to have been waiting for a while. When he saw her coming out of the bathroom, he raised his foot and walked over, and stopped in front of her.

Ling Zhen thought to himself, it turned out that the protagonist’s group was partying next door.

Ling Zhen strangely asked, “Is there something wrong?”

Shen Yan Chu took a deep breath and said, “I… apologize to you for what Wen Yi’s manager did. They shouldn’t use that method to frame you.”

Hearing it, Ling Zhen felt inexplicable and waved her hand, “No need.”

After all, she didn’t suffer in the end.

Shen Yan Chu saw her relaxed attitude, and continued, “In the future, we will work together on the same crew. I will not care about the past. I hope you can take your work seriously. We will collaborate to produce excellent work.”


Self-righteous preaching.

Ling Zhen was a little drunk and was feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, so directly said, “I don’t remember the past, and we have nothing to do with each other now. Just take care of yourself, and you don’t need to educate me.”

After speaking, Ling Zhen immediately turned around and left.

After they were all gone, the door of a compartment in the women’s bathroom was slowly opened.

With a meaningful smile on her face, He Xi walked out of the bathroom…the past??

When the meal was over, Ling Zhen got into Wei Xi’s car, and the drunk feeling fully swept over her.

She softened on the back of the chair, her eyes were half-closed and her fair skin had a little blush, making her whole face pink. 

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Wei Xi put his suit jacket on her, and Ling Zhen rubbed the jacket and obediently wrapped herself up in it.


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4 months ago

haha I don’t think He Xi would succeed, lucky that Wei Xi isn’t easy to be fooled

Yu Yue
Yu Yue
4 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!!!!