GSBVH: Chapter-55


Ling Zhen met Wei Xi’s dark gaze, his eyes were so dark that she had the illusion that she had become prey and was about to fall into the hunter’s net.

Ling Zhen was quiet for a while and sighed, “Then I will really become an actor who uses the backdoor.”

Wei Xi said, “Then I will open the door for you.”

Then what else could Ling Zhen say??

In this world, she had no sense of belonging and she didn’t even know when she would leave. So, it was beneficial for her to hold a thick thigh and be in the safest place.

Ling Zhen pursed her lips and simply made a decision, “Then I won’t go to him.”

Ling Zhen’s choice made Wei Xi’s eyes have a hint of joy. He reached out and pinched her cheek, “Goodbye.”

Ling Zhen hummed and threw his hand away.

She had found that recently Wei Xi liked to tease her more and more. Nowadays, Ling Zhen always had the feeling that Wei Xi regarded her as his little toy.

Soon, Zhao Yan sent the printed signing contract. And following Wei Xi’s instructions, Ling Zhen obediently signed her name.

After signing the contract, Wei Xi seemed very satisfied. He kept touching the back of her head as if he was saying that—

After signing the deed, you are mine.

Zhao Yan, “…”

Excuse me, leave a way for the single dog?! The single dog Zhao Yan stood still without moving, eating the cold dog food.

He tentatively said, “Today all the senior executives happen to be in the company. They want to congratulate the little sister-in-law for taking the role and book a table in Slow Alley…”

Zhao Yan added, “I don’t know if Mr. Wei and my sister-in-law want to meet them.”

Wei Xi frowned and was about to refuse, but Ling Zhen’s eyes lit up, she asked, “Slow Alley? Is it that famous Hunan cuisine restaurant!”

Zhao Yan immediately nodded, “Yes.”

Ling Zhen had seen that place recommended by netizens before and always wanted to go there. 

With a bright eye, Ling Zhen turned her head to look at Wei Xi and asked, “Shall we go?”

“…” Wei Xi looked at her, and was unable to refuse, “…Okay.”

After work, several senior executives dressed up in suits and leather shoes came to excitedly greet Ling Zhen. 

Oh My God, the real person is even more beautiful than a fairy!

Seeing their excitement and enthusiasm, Wei Xi’s expression turned ugly in an instant, and he quickly held Ling Zhen’s hand.

Several people were about to get off the elevator when a gentle female voice suddenly intervened, “Where are you going to have fun today? I’ll go with you all, too.”

He Xi had changed into a sweet little skirt and looked not as mature as when Ling Zhen saw her last time. 

This time, she was looking more charming and she immediately attracted the attention of several executives.

“Okay…okay. Let’s come Manager He!”

After getting the positive response, He Xi gracefully smiled, pretending to walk forward and casually see Wei Xi, but the person had already taken Ling Zhen down the elevator.

The group of people was divided into three luxury cars and they went to the Slow Alley.

This restaurant had a high level of consumption and was in a relatively quiet location. There were not many people around it. 

But when Zhao Yan went to book the private room, the largest one had already been booked away, so they had to choose the second largest one.

After entering the private room and all sat down. Wei Xi was in the head seat, and Ling Zhen was beside him.

He Xi glanced around and directly sat opposite Wei Xi.

The group of people who had sat down finally realized that the boss was not in a good mood.

To not get burned from the fire, they quickly become reserved and handed the menu to the boss and sister-in-law in a proper manner.

Ling Zhen was afraid of ordering wrongly. So while reading the menu, she kept discussing it with Wei Xi in a low voice.

Wei Xi’s arm casually rested on the back of her chair, in a subconscious yet exclusive posture.

In the end, the main dish was ordered which cost around eight hundred yuan. 

A piece of fresh lake fish head with extra peppers and a pot of boiled abalone. There was also roasted beef, tofu with crab soup, braised pork in a pot, and some stewed vegetables. A bottle of white wine was opened.

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The boss was there, so everyone was a little uptight but fortunately, Zhao Yan and He Xi were there. They have worked hard to create an active and lively atmosphere.


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