GSBVH: Chapter-54


The casting member of “Question of the Immortal” replied indifferently to Zeng Hong, “The final casting is the judgment of netizens, and it is also the choice of the future audiences.”

In other words, the acting prowess shown by Jian Wen Yi was not enough to make them give up the second female lead selected by the audience.

At this point, the result of the entire battlefield had already been determined.

Zeng Hong and the others lose the rice while stealing the chicken. 

The fake voting news didn’t affect Ling Zhen much but it killed Jian Wen Yi. Even after paying so much money and resources, they had to suffer a dark loss. 

In the last few hours before the voting ends, Mid Summer Entertainment simply pretended to be dead while facing the surging questions from the netizens.

The first male lead selected was Shen Yan Chu, who defeated Gu Wei by a few thousand votes. And the first female lead was Zheng Qian Qian, which was not suspenseful. 

The second male lead was Zhou Yun, another second-line popular niche actor. The voting results for these roles were actually in the line with the film crew’s expectations.

Only Ling Zhen, with her overwhelmingly beautiful costume look, won the second female lead vote like a dark horse.

After reading the final result Ling Zhen turned off the phone.

She glanced at Wei Xi’s calm profile and felt a little moved and a bit horrified. More than a month ago, she would have never imagined that a  violent man like him would shelter her like this.

Ling Zhen touched the tip of her nose, leaned a little closer to him, and embarrassedly asked, “Uhh…did you spend a lot of money on this?”

Wei Xi lowered his eyelashes and slowly smiled, “Want to reimburse me?”

Ling Zhen’s eyes floated for a moment, and she replied, “I…I may not be able to repay it all at once. If there is another way…”

Wei Xi said, “Yes.” 

Ling Zhen didn’t expect Wei Xi would be so quick to reply, as if he had already figured out the method, “What…what way?”

Wei Xi curled his pale lips, “Signed a contract with me, my studio.”

Hearing it, Ling Zhen was dumbfounded, “Huh??”

In Qingxi Investment company, Zhao Yan took a stack of printed documents and returned to the seventeenth floor, just in time to meet He Xi who had applied delicate makeup on her face.

He Xi glanced at what Zhao Yan was holding and saw that it was a contract. 

So she casually asked, “I just happened to go to Mr. Wei. Do you need me to bring it in for you?”

Zhao Yan hurriedly guarded the document, “No, no. I have to present such an important paper in person.”

He Xi smiled and curiously asked, “What is so important??”

Zhao Yan mysteriously replied, “Boss has set up a personal studio for the sister-in-law. Today they are going to sign the contract!”

Hearing it, He Xi’s face suddenly stiffened, and she asked again, “What??!”

He Xi immediately realized her gaffe, and when she met Zhao Yan’s strange eyes, she smiled stiffly, “Our company has never signed an artist, so why boss suddenly made an exception…”

In response, Zhao Yan shook his head and asked, “Manager He, did you not see it online?”

Of course…

He Xi knew about the national voting competition for “The Questions of Immortal” casting. In the past two days, she urged all her sisters to vote for Jian Wen Yi.

“What’s the matter?” He Xi pretended not to know about the matter and politely asked.

“You will know it when you go online…” 

With a deep look Zhao Yan added,” Mr. Wei, is the first to make a strong move and lock the people up. Otherwise, if he doesn’t sign sister-in-law, others will definitely grab it!…”

In the president’s office, Ling Zhen had just learned that Qingxi Investment, was a company that specializes in the production of the film and television industry. And it was the main producer of the drama “The Question of Immortals”.

Realizing it, she was shocked and stared at Wei Xi in a daze.

She finally understood what Wei Xi’s meant by “I can give you”.

—— No, no, more importantly, she had finally understood why the villain boss in the original book could crush the male lead and the female lead

“In my studio, the brokerage team will give you the best resources, and you can choose from them.”

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After Wei Xi gave an extremely attractive offer, he hooked Ling Zhen’s chin to make her look at himself, “So…do you still want to go to Gu Wei’s company??”


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