GSBVH: Chapter-53


The plot had been reversed again and again, and the people who were eating melons were all very excited!

Yesterday, Jian Wen Yi’s fans asked Ling Zhen for justice and sent a stupid brainwashing post all day long. 

But today, everything had reversed. 

With the blessing of Weibo, it didn’t take long for hundreds of thousands of “online soldiers to cross the border” at night and spread the news across the Internet.

[Cha Mu: Can’t you spend more money to buy a premium account? It’s too ugly to see, right?!]

[Qing Qing: So yesterday I felt that the fans seemed to play a self-directed and acted show and co-authoring to pave the way for the mastermind? [Ha ha ha]]

Unknowingly, the dispute between the two women in “The Question of Immortals” had become a hot topic, and the popularity of the two of them even surpassed the two candidates selected for the female lead. 

Early in the morning, Zeng Hong received a call from Jian Wen Yi, who was crying very hard. 

Only then did she know about the issue, and when she read Weibo, she was shocked.

At eight o’clock in the morning, Mid Summer Entertainment quickly made a public relations statement and instantly issued a statement to refute the rumours.

The rough meaning of the statement was that our company had always rejected the behavior of fake injection of votes, please rationally judge the situation and do not listen to rumors.

But embarrassingly, although they claimed that the three hundred thousand votes were not swiped by themselves, they could not show any evidence to prove it.

Zeng Hong called everyone all morning to try to find the source, but the other side did it cleanly.

So even after the statement, the netizens obviously did not believe it. Apart from Jian Wen Yi’s fans in the comment area, other netizens were laughing and teasing.

When things were fermenting and opinions were divergent on the internet, Ling Zhen finally went online and posted a Weibo.

Ling Zhen didn’t post a long story, but simply put a picture—

It was a twenty-four-hour real-time data monitoring picture of the votes of Ling Zhen and Jian Wen Yi from yesterday morning to today.

The screen showed that from the first hour, Ling Zhen’s vote count line was above Jian Wen Yi. 

In the next twenty-four hours, the line showed a smooth upward trend and kept getting steeper and steeper.

And the line that had been creeping under it suddenly became infinitely close to Ling Zhen at two o’clock! 

The data was interrupted for several hours, due to the massive voting at once, and after the voting system was restored, the line was once again thrown under Ling Zhen’s line.

In other words, the people who were framed for adding fake votes have very stable data from beginning to end. On the contrary, Jian Wen Yi’s data sharply fluctuated in the middle of the night.

Comparing the two lines together was a real heavy hammer.

Seeing the data, netizens exploded again.

Here, after finishing posting the data on Weibo, Ling Zhen didn’t read the response on the Internet anymore. 

Instead, she turned to look at the man sitting next to her. The data graph wasn’t made by her. 

And in the morning, when Wei Xi sent her the live monitoring analysis, Ling Zhen was equally surprised. 

He had planned for the worst from the beginning of the voting session, and even Ling Zhen had no idea about it.

Although Wei Xi was a superb villain boss in the book, after actually seeing it, Ling Zhen couldn’t help but sigh…

The big boss was too sly!

Fortunately, she was not Wei Xi’s opponent, otherwise, the tragic ending in the original plot was just around the corner.

“Why did you think of saving the data as evidence from the beginning?” Ling Zhen asked him clearly with a learning mentality.

“Because…” Wei Xi curled his mouth and rubbed her cheek with his fingers, “You are too stupid, and you will definitely be bullied.”

Hearing it, Ling Zhen wrinkled her nose, avoided his hand, daring to make her angry—

She was not stupid! It was just that she didn’t know the methods of the world!

On the other hand, after Ling Zhen’s Weibo was posted, Jian Wen Yi completely shut herself down.

Zeng Hong was also struggling to death and tried hard to communicate with the film crew, “As I said before, the second female lead should be our Wen Yi. You can see her strength…”


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