GSBVH: Chapter-52


[Wen Wen like you: After the long publicity and voting by all fans, up to now, Miss Jian Wen Yi has won a total of 12040 votes. We can guarantee that every vote is innocent and has no dirty play. 

But we have to speak for Ms. Wen Yi Jian and her interests. We have just learned that Ms. Ling Zhen’s votes have been scrambled. Please Ms. Ling Zhen and her team come out to explain the facts. 

The official team is also asked to make a fair judgment in the national voting contest.]

Below the post, there were many screenshots of several group chat records, which were the “evidence” they have.

The names of the members of those chats all carry real names, and there were a lot of comments on buying fake accounts, and some quotations “for the sake of realness”.

After carefully reading the post, Ling Zhen was speechless for a while.

She didn’t even have a lot of fans, where did this fan group come from??

Self-directed and self-acted, weren’t they too obvious?

But since the opponent had started a battle, it was obvious that more dirty water was going to be poured on her. 

Soon, the post saying Ling Zhen used fake votes appeared on the hot search, and it quickly climbed up at an unnatural speed.

The voting was still in progress, and suddenly such a big piece of news came, and the netizens came one after another to comment on it.

[Uncle A: Damn it, I just voted for her this morning! [Eating melon]]

[Yan Yan Xia: Don’t believe every news story…Use your brain.]

[Wen Xuan: Upstairs, isn’t the evidence enough? I have long felt that this Ling Zhen voting data is abnormal. 

She is just a newcomer who doesn’t even have a company, and her votes are all chasing the two male lead participants.

Moreover, she doesn’t even have a fan base, so can you believe it? [Ha ha ha]]

Zhao Yan had been paying attention to the public opinion, seeing that the trend of comments was gradually changing, and Ling Zhen’s soaring votes had also been affected by it. The growth had now slowed down.

Zhao Yan was very anxious, “What should we do? It has to be explained quickly and clearly!”

Zhao Yan was also one of the fans of the original book “The Questions of Immortal”. And he was extremely satisfied with the appearance of his sister-in-law.

So he didn’t want his fairy-like sister-in-law to lose this role.

With Ling Zhen’s temperament, she might directly post on Weibo to clarify, but she subconsciously looked at Wei Xi first.

The man half-supported his head and seeing her looking at him, his eyes showed a faint joy.

“Do you want to clarify it?” Ling Zhen asked.

Wei Xi folded his arms, and his expression was a little unpredictable. He simply said, “Wait.”

His cold demeanor was inexplicably reassuring. Ling Zhen glanced at him and really quit Weibo and continued to open the takeaway app to order food.

Seeing that Ling Zhen did not respond, Jian Wen Yi’s fans became more and more aggressive. They started to brainwash the other netizens.

Not only do they post within their fan group, how miserable their sister was after being voted down by the newcomer who paid for the votes, but also posted to passers-by and bluntly sold miserably everywhere.

Jian Wen Yi’s WeChat group also became active, and everyone found a reason to scold Ling Zhen again. 

Among them, Ling Xuan was the happiest to jump. She was waiting for this moment for a long time.

Then she went ahead to send a message to Ling Zhen separately— 

“Doesn’t it cost money to buy votes? It seems that Wei Xi is still willing to spend money for you, even though he doesn’t care about you…”

Ling Zhen saccharinely replied, “Yes, I am so happy that my husband spent money on me.”

After reading it, Ling Xuan’s nose was almost crooked, “Shameless! Totally Shameless!”

At two o’clock midnight, Ling Zhen got up in a daze to go to the toilet, but when she passed the living room, she saw Wei Xi still sitting on the sofa, facing a MacBook.

Ling Zhen rubbed her eyes and saw the voting interface on his screen. Seeing it, she asked in a low voice, “Are you still waiting to take action?”

Wei Xi put a warm blanket on her nightdress and said, “It’s time.”

After he finished speaking, he refreshed the voting interface.

Seeing the result, Ling Zhen suddenly became energetic.

After refreshing the interface, Jian Wen Yi’s votes suddenly began to skyrocket, and within a few seconds, hundreds of thousands of votes were added to her account!

Really a big boss…

When others framed her for fake votes, he actually backhanded to buy three hundred thousand votes for the other party! 

As a result, a large number of fake and unsafe accounts poured into Weibo to vote, and the voting data became severely abnormal.

And caused the voting interface to collapse.

The next morning, Jian Wen Yi fans swiped Weibo and saw their idol had rushed to the hot search.

Ling Zhen, who had been silent for a day, finally responded by sending a Weibo message.


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