GSBVH: Chapter-51


In the afternoon, when they arrived at Qingxi, Zhao Yan rushed out of the lift.


Zhao Yan greeted Ling Zhen loudly while bravely ignoring Wei Xi, he said, “Sister-in-law, you are a fairy! You are the immortal Fu Qing!”

Seeing the overexcited Zhao Yan, Wei Xi slightly turned sideways to block Ling Zhen, and commanded while frowning, “Go away.”

Hearing the compliment, Ling Zhen stuck her head out and gently smiled.

“It’s not yet confirmed, I really don’t know if I can get the role.”

“Is there still any uncertainty?” Zhao Yan lowered his head and quickly took out his mobile phone. 

Once unlocked, the voting interface was directly displayed. “People are still voting for you— see sister-in-law, the difference is now three hundred thousand!”

Seeing such a big difference, Ling Zhen’s eyebrows jumped.

Initially, the high number of votes made her a little excited, but at this time, watching the widening of the difference in votes, Ling Zhen’s heart was a little uneasy.

At the same moment, in the big office of Midsummer Entertainment, Zeng Hong was struggling to deal with Mr. Jian on the phone, and Jian Wen Yi was sitting in front of the computer in a daze.

Her uneasiness for many days had finally become a reality.

Just by simply clicking on the comment area, Jian Wen Yi could see that many people were complimenting the Ling Zhen version of Fu ing.

[Little Flower: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!]

[Red Rabbit: This is Fu Qing of my dreams [heart]]

[A Little Xiong: [red heart] I have seen the video of Miss Sister’s dancing, and now it seems she really hasn’t let me down! Come on! Come on!!]

[Lovely Person: The book fan is here, and the book fan said if Shen Yan Chu x Ling Zhen play together, I am really willing to love it…[kisses]]

Jian Wen Yi’s eyes were stung by seeing those words, and she abruptly shut down the webpage.

The voting would end at noon on the next day. And currently, the difference between the two was getting bigger and bigger. 

If this continued, she would definitely lose the role of Fu Qing.

There was also unprecedented silence in their WeChat group. Suddenly facing such an unexpected situation, everyone was a little embarrassed.

The worst situation they could have thought of was the stalemate between Ling Zhen and Jian Wen Yi. 

But the current situation was that Ling Zhen’s makeup photos were insanely spread out all over the Internet, and Jian Wen Yi was completely beaten up.

After watching Weibo for a day, Ling Xuan was furious.

Everywhere was boasting Ling Zhen’s good looks, boasting a fart! 

Did they know how Ling Zhen looked when she was a child? Like a black monkey! A ugly duckling!!

And that Jian Wen Yi, who was so incredible earlier, was behind Ling Zhen by so many votes! 

If she couldn’t do it, might as well let her go!

After scolding Ling Zhen’s bad face for a long time, Ling Xuan still watched Ling Zhen’s soaring number of votes.

But suddenly a thought came to her mind—

How could Ling Zhen get such a high number of votes from the passer-by, her votes were so high, wouldn’t it be…

At this time, Zeng Hong had also finished her call with Mr. Jian, strode over to take a look at the current data, and then made another call without taking a breath.

When Jian Wen Yi, who was listening to the call heard the word “increase the stakes”, her expression suddenly became stunned, but in the end, she didn’t say anything.

After finishing the phone, Zeng Hong patted her shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, leave everything to Sister Hong.”

Ling Zhen stayed in Wei Xi’s office until the evening and was very calm.

After staying motionless for a day, Ling Zhen was feeling hungry. Just as she clicked on the takeaway app and wanted to order some food, the office door was suddenly knocked on.

Wei Xi didn’t look up and said, “In.”

Zhao Yan hurriedly pushed open the heavy glass door and anxiously shouted, “Sister-in-law, someone is ripping you up on Weibo!”

Hearing it, Wei Xi put down the pen in his hand but he didn’t look surprised.

At this point of time, it must be done by Jian Wen Yi’s fans.


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