GSBVH: Chapter-50


Zeng Hong probably wouldn’t have thought that an absolute passerby could easily crush the fan circle.

At the first moment when the voting channel was opened, Jian Wen Yi’s fan base was fully invested in voting and promoting their idol.

And the marketing accounts were busy publicizing in favor of Jian Wen Yi one after another. 

But the voting difference was so big from the beginning.

This could only show that many passers-by voted for Ling Zhen after watching the dance video!

Even Ling Zhen herself hadn’t expected this, so seeing the growing numbers of votes, Ling Zhen was very excited. 

She hurriedly went to poke Wei Xi, who was sitting next to her, and said, “Hey! Have you seen the number of votes…”

Even after hearing it, the man next to her was motionless. His eyes were on the phone screen and he was still busy watching her short video.

The short video was of less than twenty seconds, and she didn’t know how many times he had seen it.

Wei Xi was sitting lazily leaning on the sofa, but his eyes were exceptionally focused on the video.

Seeing it, Ling Zhen calmed down and inexplicably felt a little embarrassed, so she poked his waist and said, “Don’t look…”

Wei Xi directly grabbed her hand and frowned, “Don’t poke indiscriminately.”

Ling Zhen obediently replied, “Oh.”

After Wei Xi finished watching it this time, he locked his phone, and Ling Zhen asked, “Have you seen the number of votes?? I seem to be quite a lot.”

Wei Xi wasn’t surprised, he slowly stretched out one hand on the back of the sofa behind her, and said, “Anyone who isn’t blind will know who to choose.”

Ling Zhen didn’t see the subtle movement, she didn’t realize that she was almost half-circled by him.

Ling Zhen blinked her eyes, pursed her lips, and happily said, “Are you complimenting me?”

Ling Zhen’s black eyes and radiant face were waiting for the praise.

Wei Xi’s slender fingers gently hooked the end of her hair, and with a smile on his lips, he asked, “Are you not afraid of me?”

Ling Zhen shivering and didn’t dare to act like a baby.

Only then did Ling Zhen realize that they were sitting very close. Wei Xi was almost half hugging her.

Seeing this, she hurriedly backed away, thinking about it in her mind, it seemed that recently Wei Xi didn’t have a grumpy look, and was very friendly to her most of the time.

Ling Zhen was pleased. 

Could it be that the villain’s personality had been subtly changed? Could he become less violent in the future? Could the risk of blackening be eliminated??

Then, her freedom was just around the corner!

“Because lately, you seem to be very kind…” Ling Zhen narrowed her eyes with a smile, and said, “Can you keep going like this, brother.”

Wei Xi curled up his long fingers on her shoulders, then squeezed her earlobes and said, “Virtue.”

After sharing the good news, Ling Zhen was in a good mood. She stood up to go back to the room but Wei Xi stopped her from the waist and pushed the person back into her arms.

The man rubbed Ling Zhen’s ears addictively, and said, “This afternoon, come to the company with me.”

“What are you going to do?” Ling Zhen shrank her neck and quickly asked.

Wei Xi lifted his lips and showed a cool smile and said, “Do you think they can let you pass just because of the votes?”

In the afternoon, when they arrived at Qingxi, Zhao Yan rushed out.

“Sister-in-law!” Zhao Yan greeted Ling Zhen loudly and bravely ignoring Wei Xi, and said, “You are a fairy! You are a floating immortal!”

Hearing it, Wei Xi slightly turned sideways to block Ling Zhen, and said while frowning, “Go away.”


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Yu Yue
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