GSBVH: Chapter-5


Ling Zhen’s hand was very soft and warm like they had no bones.

This was their first physical contact since the time they had signed their marriage certificate.

Wei Xi glanced at her hand which was stiffened for a moment. He stretched out his other hand and squeezed her wrist, and then threw Ling Zhen’s hand aside.

Ling Zhen hurriedly rubbed her wrists and peeked at him, to see as if Wei Xi was not angry with her.

It seemed, even though the villain had a bad temper but still had not reached the point that one couldn’t get along with him.

Before the villain got blackened, there was still hope of his transformation into a good peaceful youth.

Without any emotion, Wei Xi stood up and stared at Ling Zhen, and said, “You want to get a divorce”.

After listening to those words, Ling Zhen’s legs softened. She hastily said, “I don’t want it.”

She didn’t want it for now!

When Wei Xi stood up, he found he was nearly a head taller than his little wife. He had almost shrouded her with his shadow. 

With her bright eyes, she looked very obedient.

Wei Xi raised his eyebrows in irony but said nothing. He bypassed her and walked towards the door.

In the hallway, Ling Zhen saw a box of imported skin-care cosmetics.  

She instantly guessed that today was the routine day when Wei Xi visited her seriously ill mother in the hospital. 

Wei Xi was paranoid and brutal, and he had no feelings for others. But his mother was the only one for whom he had tenderness left in his heart.

Wei Xi used to go to the hospital alone. The original body had never accompanied him, nor did he ask her to visit his mother.

But today, when Wei Xi stepped out of the door, his coat was suddenly slightly pulled by someone.

Wei Xi slowly turned halfway, and saw Ling Zhen with her small face and a soft voice said, “I will accompany you to the hospital and see your mother.”

Without any words, Wei Xi sat in the back seat with Ling Zhen. 

In such a small space, Wei Xi’s breath was somewhat oppressive. To divert her attention, Ling Zhen turned on her phone.

There were a lot of new messages on her WeChat. Ling Zhen opened the chat group, which was on the top, and clicked to look in it.

This was the chat group for which the original body had asked for a long time. In the end, because of the kindness, the female lead had added her.

To integrate into the male lead’s chat group, the original body daily forwarded the thing she had found interesting, and responded to everyone’s message.

The male lead and his friends had never accepted or liked Ling Zhen. They looked down on the flattery. So, even though she was part of the chat group, they would unscrupulously laugh at her.

The last few chats were proof of it.

Song Zhao: “How come Xiao Ning disappeared after posting only one photo?”

Jiang Mei: “Maybe she was still in the operating room.”

Ding Ze: “It is rare to come across such a funny thing. Shouldn’t it be reported in real-time? Did Ling Zhen cut her nose or cut her jaws?”

Wen Xiao Ning did not make an appearance in the group because she was busy frantically arguing with the beauty salon employees.

Xiao Ning was trying hard to get back the money back from that black-hearted beauty salon, but obviously, it wasn’t that easy.

And here, several people in the group were waiting to hear about the new development in Ling Zhen’s plastic surgery case. 

After waiting for a few hours with no new news, they finally had to turn off their phones. 

After a while, their phone notification light turned up again. There was a new message in the chat group.

With some expectation, they opened the chat and saw the new message was only a punctuation mark.

Ling Zhen: “.”

Everyone in the chat group, “…”

Ling Zhen, who was still supposed to be under the knife in the operation theatre, actually sent them a message.

It seemed, Xiao Ning had played them. They were excited like a fool for nothing.

Several people felt ashamed, and they couldn’t help but complain about Xiao Ning.

At that moment, Shen Yan Chu, who hadn’t spoken anything on that news, also appeared in the chat group.

Looking at it, Ling Zhen suddenly felt guilty and secretly peeked at Wei Xi, who was sitting beside her with his eyes, before looking back at her phone screen.

The male lead deserved to be the male lead. Shen Yan Chu had never taken the initiative to communicate with Ling Zhen. And the message he had left was only a few words.

Shen Yan Chu: “You should cherish yourself.”

Then the female lead Jian Wen Yi also appeared in the group, and said, “Yes, you shouldn’t do stupid things.”

Song Zhao: “Brother Yan and Wen Yi are so kind and good!!!”

Earlier as soon as Shen Yan Chu had spoken in the group, Ling Zhen would passionately reply to it in a second. 

And right now, Shen Yan Chu had deliberately left that message for Ling Zhen. 

Ling Zhen must be so excited that she might even post a full essay of rainbow farts and love on the group.

Everyone was waiting for a response, after a while when they saw no response they thought, this time Ling Zhen must be writing a small book to post on the group.

After a while, a new message finally popped up on their phone.

Ling Zhen had left the group chat.

Everyone had become autistic.



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