GSBVH: Chapter-49


When Zeng Hong found out that Ling Zhen had already earned a wave of popularity on the hot search, and that too for free, she was irritated!

Seeing the enormous response to the dance video, Zeng Hong hurriedly tried to contact the popular marketing account, to stop the loss in time.

But the other party refused to accept the order. So Zeng Hong had no other option than to call the person who posted the video and ask him to withdraw the post from the hot search.

The other party responded, “There is no way to withdraw the post, someone has just added the money now!”

Zeng Hong’s eyes blackened, she hurriedly asked, “Till when?”

“Till tomorrow morning!”

Hearing it, Zeng Hong almost fainted.

Here, Ling Zhen, who had witnessed the whole process of epic reversal expressed shock at Wei Xi’s vast supernatural powers.

In response to Ling Zhen’s stunned and suspicious eyes, Wei Xi lightly flicked her forehead and whispered, “Don’t be afraid if you encounter something in the future…”

“I am here.”

“Questions of Immortal ” itself was a national-level drama with its own traffic, and the open and secret clashes between candidates indirectly boosted its popularity and exposure.

Because of the unique selection process, the public’s expectations for the publication of makeup stills and the national voting were very high, causing the popularity of everything related to it to reach an incredibly high level.  

By the next morning, almost everyone stayed on Weibo to support their celebrities.

Although no one counted the real-time traffic, it should be a terrible number.

Zeng Hong had wasted yesterday’s hot search, but today she had already contacted a few big marketing accounts, and greeted Jian Wen Yi’s fan club in advance. 

As soon as the voting channel was opened, the fans would vote, and the marketing accounts would be linked to each other and help in building momentum.

Zeng Hong had brought many talents to talent shows and was quite experienced in voting. 

Data control, pulling passersby…There was a set of systematic investment strategies, and she was still very confident in this.

Among the friend circle, Song Zhao and his group went to vote for Shen Yan Chu and Jian Wen Yi, and then they forwarded it to the circle of friends to increase the votes.

Ling Xuan was also part of this group of people, so she positively responded, “Don’t worry! Wen Yi, you’ll be fine!”

In comparison to these busy people, Ling Zhen looked exceptionally calm.

Yesterday after hearing Wei Xi’s assurance, Ling Zhen actually felt inexplicably relieved. 

When the big villain boss was not darkened, he was a calm and powerful person. If he told her not to be afraid, then there was no need for her to be afraid. 

At exactly eight o’clock, under the attention of all netizens, the official blog of “Questions of the Immortal” finally released the makeup photos of all the chosen artists.

At the same time, the voting channel for all four roles was officially opened.

Ling Zhen was also looking forward to seeing the end product. After the official blog was released, she clicked on it and went to see it.

Her and Jian Wen Yi’s photos were placed side by side.

In fact, Ling Zhen’s makeup photo didn’t need much editing, and her face and figure were basically close to her real appearance. 

The apricot eyes, thick eyelashes, and clear eyes with a small nose, rosy lips, and complexion as white as jade created a “floating” illusion in the cyan-colored ancient costume.

In the photo, Ling Zhen was holding a bamboo fan with colored ribbons, while smiling brightly at the camera.

In addition to the makeup photos, there was also a short video for everyone to watch.

When shooting, Ling Zhen couldn’t think of any promotional lines, so she did a short dance.

During the dance, Ling Zhen’s jet-black hair fluttered with the cyan skirt, and the ribbon on the bamboo fan beautifully swung away again. 

The smile on the girl’s lips remained undiminished, and her figure looked flexible and light. And when she turned, she looked like a floating leaf between heaven and the earth.

At the end of the video, she smiled and suddenly called her sweetheart’s name to the camera: “Wen Xi!”

In a trance, like a person from a fairytale walking into reality.

[Jian Wen Yi: 15040 votes]

[Ling Zhen: 157803 votes]

Within a minute, Ling Zhen killed it.

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The beauty in the ancient costume dancing in a cyan dress shocked the entire network at this moment.


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