GSBVH: Chapter-48


Zeng Hong was busy all morning, contacting various channels and persons, and steadily sending the hot search to the top ten. 

It’s not just for the publicity, but also the exposure.

She calculated that Ling Zhen didn’t have a company, and knew that the other party had no publicity team, so she laid this plan.

Sure enough, there were thousands of comments on the post, but Ling Zhen still didn’t respond to a single one.

If it hadn’t been for Ling Xuan’s message, Ling Zhen would really not know that she was on a hot search again.

Ling Xuan’s message had a gloating tone—

Didn’t you know this before? You insisted on playing the role of the second female lead, and now you are being publicly executed, is it not ugly?!

Ling Zhen followed what Ling Xuan said and took a look at Weibo, only then she knew the intensity.

[The Entertainment Circle: Come take a look at the two candidates selected for the “Questions of the Immortal”, which one do you support more for the role of Fu Qing? 

Miss Jian Wen Yi’s masterpiece work in “The Rain of Youth” fascinated thousands of fans with a face of first love. 

Not only that, but she is also a graduate of the acting department, and she was the school flower while in school. 

Now look at another candidate Ling Zhen, she looks very good too, are you familiar with her? Do you know her?


The two points found in the post were quite right. The previous work and the background were indeed where Jian Wen Yi had an advantage over her. 

The first photo was Jian Wen Yi’s still photo, and the next one was Ling Zhen’s previous photo that was picked up from nowhere.

It was taken by the original owner.

Although the original owner’s facial features were the same as Ling Zhen’s, her complexion was very poor. It was put together with Jian Wen Yi’s serious photos, and there was no need for comparison.

It was the first time Ling Zhen had met with such a disgusting means of humans in the entertainment circle. 

Whether Ling Zhen could get a role or not was second, but she would never tolerate this kind of malice.

Ling Zhen took the phone and walked out of the room. She saw Wei Xi sitting on the sofa and looking down at the phone.

Ling Zhen ran over with a little aggrieved expression and showed her phone to Wei Xi.

“They bullied me!!”

The female protagonist had everything. She had an agent who planned everything for her, but she as a little cannon fodder had no human rights. 

Right?! That’s too much.

Wei Xi followed her mobile phone and raised his eyes to meet her gaze. 

Wei Xi asked, “Am I not a human?”

Ling Zhen was stunned and asked “Huh??”

Wei Xi held Ling Zhen’s wrist and pulled her to sit next to him, and said, “Since you have seen the post, let’s watch it together.”

Ling Zhen, who still didn’t understand the situation asked, “What are we going to watch??”

Wei Xi lowered his eyes and clicked on the phone, then leaned over, took Ling Zhen’s hand, and refreshed the hot search interface on her phone.

“Watch…how others praise you.”

Ling Zhen blinked her eyes twice and suddenly realized that the post on the top spot had changed.

The original post was replaced by another blog. 

A high-traffic marketing account posted a video of her dancing in a red dress at the party that night. 

The post was—

[The Mackerel: When Fu Qing first saw Ye Wen Tian, she danced barefoot on the clear pond. The book fans, please raise your hands, do you still remember the floating dance in the original book? 

“The ripples were rippling on the water, she was as comfortable as a fish swimming and as elegant as the fairy…” 

If this fairy lady could perform Fu Qing, then the original book fans will die without regret.]

The blogger extracted a paragraph of the original plot while describing the dance of the second female lead, and combined it with Ling Zhen’s dance, the effect was surprisingly good.

[Yan Yan Xia: She can! Say it again!]

[New Watermelon: I beg her to act as Fu Qing! The book fan said that this is the Fu Qing in my dream!!!]

The re-comment praising Ling Zhen like this soared within a few minutes, and the old post on the hot spot was squeezed out. 

Not only that, after this Weibo, other photos and videos of Ling Zhen’s audition appeared one after another, and each one was sent to hot spots.

Soon, Jian Wen Yi’s hot search was completely slaughtered by Ling Zhen posts!



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5 months ago

Thank you for the update ❤️ She’s getting more and more comfortable interacting with him (*´ω`*)