GSBVH: Chapter-47


Seeing Ling Zhen, Gu Wei directly showed a surprised expression. He even heard a few inhalations around him. 

But after a moment, he suddenly felt an inexplicable coolness.

A cold-faced man appeared behind Ling Zhen, his expression cooly swept over the room with undisguised hostility.


Fuck this was terrible.

Jian Wen Yi squeezed her white dress tightly with her fingers, unable to recover from her disbelief for a long time. 

She subconsciously looked at Shen Yan Chu, whose posture was rigid, and his eyes were shocked.

But in that shock…there was still a trace of surprise that couldn’t be concealed.

Zeng Hong stood behind Jian Wen Yi and looked at the girl in the greed dress not far away. The initial surprise in her eyes faded, and a layer of cruelty slowly emerged.

Although there was an incident in the costume, the shooting process went smoothly.

Ling Zhen found that the staff was very careful with her, and they liked to secretly look at her when she was not paying attention. 

She had been a human for a long time, and she almost forgot that she used to be a fairy. 

The makeup photo of the second female lead was the last one. 

After Ling Zhen’s photo shoot was over, all the other actors in the studio were gone. 

Ling Zhen went to change the clothes and was a little embarrassed when handing it to the staff. 

She said in an embarrassed voice, “I stretched my back a little…”

“It’s okay…it doesn’t matter!” The staff thought to themselves that it was too much to wear this kind of rough clothes for people, let alone create that effect. 

They should be thankful to the actor for not creating a scene.

Ling Zhen pursed her lips and smiled softly, she waved goodbye to everyone.

The staff watched her slender figure go away, and couldn’t help sighing, “What a fairy…”

“Hey…no, why did she go by herself? Didn’t I see Mr. Wei just now??”

“Yeah?? He was here just now…”

After walking out, as soon as Ling Zhen reached the side of the road, a dark luxury car stopped near her.

The window rolled down, and the man sitting in the driving seat showed a delicate jawline.

Looking at her, Wei Xi said, “Get in the car.”

“Oh.” Ling Zhen obediently walked around and got on the co-pilot seat.

Wei Xi held the steering wheel in one hand and turned his face sideways and asked, “Does it still hurt??”

Ling Zhen didn’t react for a while and said, “Huh??”

Wei Xi stretched out his hand and pointed toward her back.

There was a slight pain because of the rubbing of the clothes, but it was just a small wound. 

After the incident, compared with pain, Ling Zhen felt more embarrassed. 

She clutched her seat belt and slowly said, “I am telling you, I am really not fat.”

Wei Xi raised his eyebrows, and a little smile appeared in his eyes. He casually said, “Oh?!”

Ling Zhen thought he was smiling at her.

Her almond eyes stared directly at Wei Xi and she said, “That dress is too small. I am really thin!”

Wei Xi lifted his lips, raised his fingers, poked her soft cheek, and said, “I know.”

Of course, he saw it.

The girl’s waist was so thin…not enough for a grip…so slender as if it could be broken at any time.

It was a pity… he couldn’t hide her.

There was still one day left before the voting would start.

The official publicity and distribution team of “Questions of the Immortal” was very professional, and it always kept the popularity of the drama within a certain range, which made netizens ticklish.

The production team was in full swing, and various companies were also starting to prepare for artists to enter the rankings.

Especially the few with a fan base, the fans were all busy voting for rankings. 

After all, there weren’t many opportunities to compete for resources for their idols in person, and this sense of participation particularly aroused the fighting spirit of fans.

Ling Zhen also watched the grand conversation between Gu Wei and Shen Yan Chu’s fans. 

The atmosphere of the battle between the two was quite strong, and they were almost crushing each other. 

—The fan circle in the world was so cruel!

Ling Zhen thought that since she didn’t have a company or a team, she wouldn’t be needed to deal with these things, and would not be involved in this kind of fan battle. 

But the facts proved that she was still too naive.

That afternoon, Jian Wen Yi suddenly appeared on the hot search. 

The reason for the hot search was that a short video of Jian Wen Yi’s audition came out on the Internet, and then the marketing account and the fan groups moved, which triggered a wave of discussion.

Everyone in the circle could naturally see that the voting channel of “Questions of the Immortal” would be opened tomorrow. 

At this time, buying hot search was nothing more than preempting the opportunity to promote themselves.

But if you just promote your artists it wouldn’t matter, but after two hours of hot search, the hot search quietly turned into a contrast between two second female lead candidates.



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