GSBVH: Chapter-46


Looking at Ling Zhen in the ancient costume, Wei Xi’s pupils shrank for a moment—

Ling Zhen hadn’t dressed like this for a long time, and she smiled shyly, “How’s it going??”

Wei Xi stared at Ling Zhen with dark eyes, but was silent and didn’t speak.

He didn’t know how to evaluate.

Because he never knew that a person could look so…so beautiful in ancient costumes.

It was like a fairy in an ancient painting had become alive. The contrast of light and dark with her smile looked almost deceptively beautiful.

It was so beautiful that he wanted to hide her.

Ling Zhen was quite satisfied with the dress. Although the workmanship was a bit poor, the color matched her skin tone. 

Moreover, Fairy Ling Zhen, who had returned to her peak appearance, would still be able to fight, without embarrassing the fairy world.

Ling Zhen didn’t wait for Wei Xi’s comment and shrugged indifferently, and then walked out.

Before going out, Ling Zhen said, “Then, I will go out and take pictures first. If you are busy, you can go back to the company.”

But when she passed Wei Xi, he suddenly grabbed her arm.

Grabbing her wrist bone, Wei Xi rubbed his thumb hard, and then spoke in an even more hoarse voice, “Don’t go out.”

…Stay here, with him, only him.

No one else could see you.


Ling Zhen didn’t want to shake Wei Xi’s hand off but she still reminded, “I have to take pictures.”

Wei Xi exerted a slight force and pulled the person in front of him and said, “Then change your clothes.”

Hearing it, Ling Zhen became unhappy, not to mention that there was no other costume to change, the most important thing was…

“Don’t I look good in this?!”

“…” Wei Xi paused and then added, “…No.”

Ling Zhen glared at him, and after a long while, Wei Xi finally let go of her wrist.

In the studio at this time, the photoshoot of the first male lead was in progress.

It had been a while since the boss entered the changing room, during which countless people stared at the closed door, but no one dared to ask.

Zeng Hong went out to make a phone call with a sullen face, and when she came back, her expression looked much better. 

She walked to Jian Wen Yi who was watching Shen Yan Chu’s shooting and gently touched her arm.

Seeing Wei Xi’s appearance, Jian Wen Yi was a little unsure. 

Zeng Hong smiled and said in a voice that only two people could hear, “I have talked to President Jian just now. You are the default for this role. The casting has been handed over to the film crew. The influence of the management is not that great, so don’t worry.”

Jian Wen Yi pursed her lips and slowly nodded, “But…”

“In short, in today’s makeup photo you must be gorgeous! As long as you can suppress her in the voting, your role will be stable…” Zeng Hong squeezed Jian Wen Yi’s shoulder, and said, “You should have confidence in yourself.”

It was really not that she saw her artist with filters, to be honest, Jane Wen Yi’s costume looked better than those of the first female lead candidates. 

Hearing it, Jian Wen Yi finally smiled and nodded.

“Moreover, we don’t have to compare with everyone, just compare with Ling Zhen…” 

Zeng Hong smiled and added, “If she can wear that shoddy clothes with a fairy effect, then she must be a real fairy…”

After a while, Shen Yan Chu finished filming, casually glanced at the changing room that was still closed, and then slowly walked towards Jian Wen Yi.

When he stood in front of Jian Wen Yi, she shyly raised her head and asked, “Do I look good?”

“Very beautiful…” Shen Yan Chu smiled, and said, “I have said it long ago, no one is more suitable to play a fairy than you.”

As soon as his voice fell, it was like some kind of omen, the door of the closed changing room suddenly opened with a “click”.

In the noisy studio, everyone’s eyes were focused on the opened door—

First, they saw a cyan skirt, then the slender legs and the slender waist covered in the ancient costume, and finally the whole person walked out the door.

As they finally saw the face clearly, the whole studio fell silent, as if someone completely pressed the mute button.

Everyone in the studio was used to seeing beauties, but at this time, they were truly shocked by the beauty of this girl—

A rare beauty, a top costume face, so natural as if she should have always worn this.

If the usual Ling Zhen was just a very beautiful little girl, then the Ling Zhen in ancient costume was a beauty who could topple the kingdom.

Zheng Qian Qian, who was still secretly comparing with Jian Wen Yi, was also silent. When she saw Ling Zhen walk out, she finally gave up her desire to compete.



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