GSBVH: Chapter-44


At this time, looking at the mirror, the girl dressed in cyan seemed to be soft and immortal.

This was what she looked like as Fairy Ling Zhen.

After appreciating herself for a while, Ling Zhen bent over to get the outer long skirt. 

But as soon as she bent down, she suddenly heard a “stab” sound.

The back of the dress was unexpectedly broken!

Five minutes later.

Wei Xi received the call while he was sitting in the office.

The person on the other end miserably said, “Can you send me a needle and thread quickly?”

In the studio, actors who have already finished their photoshoot were waiting for the filming, and the setup indeed looked very immortal at first glance. 

There were clouds everywhere, looking very dazzling.

Zheng Qian Qian was wearing a scarlet dress. Her eyes were fiery and her personality was straightforward. 

She swept her eyes around and suddenly asked, “Where is the other girl who is the second candidate for second female lead??”

Jian Wen Yi glanced at the closed changing room door, and said, “It seems that she hasn’t changed her clothes yet.”

She was alone and did not have an assistant to help, so she must be slower.

Zheng Qian Xi nodded and stared at Jian Wen Yi’s appearance.

She enviously said, “You are already the best person I have seen in ancient costumes.”

Jian Wen Yi shook her head modestly and said, “There must be someone better than me…”

While several people were chatting, there was a commotion at the door of the studio.

Then a staff member trotted over with a stupid look and said, “Mr. Wei from Qingxi is here!!”

Everyone was shocked.

What was the boss of the boss here?! To inspect the shoot??

In this drama, Qingxi’s investment accounted for as high as seventy percent, which was simply the highest.

The president couldn’t come here just because he was close, right??

The agents can’t help but feel a little apprehensive, and they all were busy suggesting their artists to quickly tidy up their appearances.

Then, they saw a grim-faced man striding into the studio. All the actors had already met him during the audition, but they didn’t know that this was the boss of Qingxi!

Not only young but also good-looking like a star!

Several actresses peeked at him and quietly pulled their hair.

But Wei Xi did not give extra eyes. He quickly walked in and glanced around.

Finally, his gaze landed on the only closed changing room door.

Looking at the door, Wei Xi lifted his foot and walked over.

Everyone present stared at him in surprise.

“Wait! Mr. Wei…” The staff hurriedly tried to stop him, and said, “Here…”

Wei Xi put a hand on the doorknob, turned his face slightly, and coldly said, “My wife.”

After Wei Xi finished speaking, he pressed the doorknob and pushed the changing room door open.

The daylight outside the curtains illuminated the room. The girl standing in front of the window heard the noise and looked back.

The face was familiar, but the temperament was very strange.

Soft daylight enveloped her body, and the woman’s black hair looked like a waterfall, sliding down on the loose white shirt. 

The half of the face hidden by the green ancient dress looked like jade, with a dusty temperament, like a fairy in an ancient painting.

At this moment, the girl’s beautiful eyebrows frowned, her red lips were slightly pursed, and she was holding the neckline of the costume with one hand.

Ling Zhen’s eyes stared at Wei Xi and she said, “You came??”

Wei Xi pinched the doorknob with his long fingers, paused for ten seconds, and then slowly walked into the changing room.

He returned his hand and firmly closed the door.


He looked indifferent as usual, but his voice was slightly muted this time.

Outside the door, everyone was stunned.

The whole studio fell into a deep silence.

Wei Xi, the boss of Qingxi, was married and his wife was in their crew! Were people with big backgrounds so silent these days??

Of course, they didn’t know that because the “Big Background” person herself didn’t clearly know about it.

Everyone looked different, and among them, Shen Yan Chu’s expression was the most complicated.

He still remembered the expression with which Ling Zhen looked at him in the past, showing various gestures of kindness and love. 

Could it be that…now she really had put down the past and started a new life??

Indeed, it seemed that Ling Zhen looked better since she no longer appeared in his life.

By giving up on him, she seemed to be doing well.

Perhaps it was the male self-esteem that was at work, and Shen Yan Chu felt a little inexplicable in his heart.

On the other hand, hearing Wei Xi’s words, Jian Wen Yi’s face had obviously become stiffer.

Frankly speaking, she didn’t have any animosity towards Ling Zhen, just like a person with a good life would not insult someone who has nothing. 

She had always been superior and had a smooth life since she was a child, even her beloved person loved her. 

So even if Ling Zhen frequently showed her feelings toward Shen Yan Chu, she didn’t have the slightest sense of crisis.

But if a person who she didn’t consider to be her opponent suddenly stood in a better position than her…

By Jian Wen Yi’s side, Zeng Hong’s expression was even more unpleasant. She stared at the closed door, and quietly left to make a call.



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