GSBVH: Chapter-43


After the candidates were determined, the voting channel for the national selection for all the four roles would be opened the day after tomorrow. 

Before that, several candidates were needed to take photos of their makeup for display during the voting.

In the past few days, various agents of the selected artists had been busy arranging news with the film crew to grasp the probability of success.

The make-up photo was to be taken in a studio that was just next to Qingxi Investment. 

On the shooting day, Zeng Hong urged Jian Wen Yi to get up early and they were the first to arrive in the studio.

The reason why she was so anxious was because Zeng Hong had heard an important news.

Due to the rush, only one of the two sets of women’s clothes was made according to the original character, while the other set was prepared in a hurry.

According to internal sources, the white costume skirt was good, but the cyan skirt was rough.

The make-up photos were going to be reviewed by all netizens, and they must not be sloppy. Otherwise, Zeng Hong would not be able to explain it to President Jian. 

That’s why she arrived earlier in the studio and took the white skirt first.

Zeng Hong was very satisfied with the result. 

The white long costume in ancient style was exquisite in workmanship, the materials used were very good. The embroidery looked wonderful and it was evenly matched with the light pink tulle, which looked very much like a fairy dress.

Zeng Hong picked up the dress and gave it to Jian Wen Yi while smiling with satisfaction, “It is for you.”

Jian Wen Yi glanced at the other cyan skirt hanging, then smiled back and gently said, “Thank you, Sister Hong.”

The remaining candidates also arrived in the studio one after another. 

When Ling Zhen arrived, she knew that there were options for the costumes for the make-up photos.

But she had no room to choose, so she could only take the cyan skirt.

Ling Zhen still missed this kind of complicated dress for a long time.

When Shen Yan Chu passed by her with his clothes, he gave her a complicated look.

Ling Zhen, “???”

What was it like to play high and cold??

The whole studio was busy, all the candidates had brought their own team. The agent and assistant accompanied them.

Ling Zhen seemed a bit abrupt by herself.

Alas…she still had the time to visit Gu Wei’s company, Ling Zhen thought silently while holding her dress and walking to the fitting room.

Just then, Jian Wen Yi walked out of one of the fitting rooms in the white dress. Her light brown hair was rolled up in a bun, and the wide sleeves on her body looked quite old-fashioned.

From an objective point of view, this ancient appearance was qualified, even much higher than the qualified line.

So when Jian Wen Yi walked out shyly, the staff nearby showed a little surprised expression.

After all, not everyone was suitable for ancient costume appearance, and it had always been a challenge for female stars.

Only a rare ancient costume face would look good and would bring out the beauty of the costume.

Looking at Jian Wen Yi, Zeng Hong patted her palms and said, “Wen Yi is so beautiful. She looks like a fairy!!!”

Jian Wen Yi blushed, and glanced at Shen Yan Chu in the distance, then turned around and saw Ling Zhen who was holding the cyan dress and entering the dressing room.

Although she was embarrassed, but…people were selfish and she could only feel sorry for her.

The dressing room was spacious, and Ling Zhen spread out the cyan dress in front of the light and looked carefully.

The style was ordinary, the materials used were of course incomparable with the Celestial Silk used in the fairy world, and the texture was a bit rough. 

The cut on the dress was not fine, and there were still some threads hanging out. The only good thing was that Ling Zhen really liked this color, and it was also the color she used to wear as a fairy in the fairy world.

Ling Zhen’s good mood did not change because of the rough quality of the clothes. 

She felt that the ancient costumes were more suitable for her than the dress she was wearing now.

While wearing the middle clothes, Ling Zhen felt something was wrong. 

It seemed the costume was a bit too small.

Ling Zhen was afraid of tearing the costume, so she carefully put it on.

Just then, Wei Xi’s call came.

Ling Zhen slowly held up a hand and pressed the answer button and said,  “Hello??”

Wei Xi asked, “How is it? Are you wearing the clothes?”

Ling Zhen’s heart suddenly rose with resentment, thinking that if she had a little assistant or something, at least she wouldn’t have to work so hard just putting on the dress. 

And Wei Xi didn’t allow her to go to Gu Wei’s company and talk about signing the contract!

Ling Zhen said in an aggrieved voice, “I can’t put it on.”

Wei Xi smiled softly and slowly asked, “Do you need my help?”

Ling Zhen felt that Wei Xi’s tone was like caring for a fool, and suddenly she felt a little insulted, “No need!!”

After hanging up the phone, Ling Zhen continued to cautiously wear the dress.



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6 months ago

thanks for the update! I forgot did Wei Xi come or not in the next chapter, has read the MTL version