GSBVH: Chapter-42


Looking at the announcement, Ling Zhen’s eyes widened, “Huh??!”

The towel in Ling Zhen’s hand slid down and was caught by Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen was still immersed in an incredible mood.

Only after a while, she raised her big eyes and wet hair and asked, “I…am I selected as the second female lead candidate??”

Among the officially announced candidates, the first male lead battle was between Gu Wei and Shen Yan Chu, which was not different from the one described in the original book. 

The first female lead fight was between Zheng Qian Qian and another senior star, but the second female lead candidate had changed from Jane Wen Yi and the actresses of the same age to Jane Wen Yi vs Ling Zhen.

“Yeah.” Wei Xi nonchalantly responded.

Wei Xi put the towel on top of Ling Zhen’s wet hair again and rubbed her head like wiping a small dog.

The floral scent coming from her hair was warm and rich, and her hair was soft and damp, lovingly wrapped between Wei Xi’s white and slender fingers.

Wei Xi didn’t know why this person seemed to become more hydrated as she grew. Her skin had become whiter and tender, and her cheeks and lips had become more pink and moist. 

Looking from the top down, Wei Xi’s fingertips slowly rubbed Ling Zhen’s forehead. 

A delicate air lingered between them but was soon broken by Ling Zhen. She carelessly tossed her hair like a puppy, and asked nonchalantly, “But…why?”

Wei Xi directly held down her furry head and continued to wipe her long hair. He looked down at her and asked, “Don’t you want it??”

“Right…” Everyone would be greedy for such a good opportunity.

But Ling Zhen always positioned herself as a cannon fodder female partner. She really never thought about competing with the heroine of the book for the role.

She knew that the second female lead role required stronger dancing skills, and she could handle it but she never cared to compete with the female lead.

Wei Xi lowered his long eyelashes, his hands were still on Ling Zhen’s head, and his arms were loosely wrapped around her. Ling Zhen’s whole body was covered by him as if he had enveloped her.

Wei Xi said, “What are you afraid of?”

Hearing the question, Ling Zhen thought about it too, what was she afraid of??

After the competition, if she passed it she would have earned a lovable role in the big hit drama and if she was defeated, there would be no loss for her.

After all, Ling Zhen didn’t have a sense of belonging to this world, so she did everything in a Buddhist style. Let the flow take its route.

When Ling Zhen’s hair dried up, she went back to her room. 

Standing in place, Wei Xi reopened the official blog of “Questions of the Immortal”, and his eyes fell on the two names of the first male lead, his eyes darkened.

A few seconds later, Wei Xi put away the phone, all the emotions overflowing through his eyes were hidden away, and he casually walked away.

“What, she was selected as the second female lead’s candidate?!”

After learning the news, both Father Ling and Mother Ling couldn’t believe it.

Although Xuan Xuan didn’t make it, there should be many actors competing for such a popular story. 

How could such a good thing fall on Ling Zhen??

If they had known this earlier, they wouldn’t have to spend so much money on dance classes and high-end dresses for the eldest one. 

Mother Ling was distressed but she dare not say, for fear that the eldest daughter would feel uncomfortable.

Who knows that Ling Xuan didn’t seem to care, and she said with some pride, “She is a candidate at best.”

Mother Ling asked, “Why??”

Ling Xuan sneered, why did this still need to be asked?!

What if Wei Xi removed her directly? She was a little rash that day and provoked him, but Wei Xi didn’t intend to help Ling Zhen at all, did he??

Who was Jian Wen Yi? A typical rich and beautiful girl, with an agent who had a lot of resources.

She didn’t believe that Ling Zhen could be better than Jian Wen Yi.

Not only Ling Xuan, but Jian Wen Yi and Shen Yan Chu’s circle of friends also thought so.

After everyone in the protagonist’s circle digested the fact that Jian Wen Yi’s competitor was Ling Zhen, someone weakly asked, “Brother Yan, if Ling Zhen worked hard, would it be…”

Sitting in the middle of the group, Shen Yan Chu frowned and said, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“No, look…” the person defended himself and said, “Ling Zhen really liked you in the past, and we all know who you is in your heart…then, whether it was dancing at the party, or competing with Wen Yi now, is it not like she is competing to prove herself?”

“She still can’t let go of Brother Yan??”

“Then what she said before that being married is a lie???”

Hearing it, Shen Yan Chu frowned.


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