GSBVH: Chapter-41


Gu Wei said over there, “In that case, let’s make an appointment. You can come to our company when you have time. Do you know the address? In…”

Ling Zhen replied, “Uh…huh” and noted the time and address. 

After a few words, she felt that the temperature in the box was getting lower and lower, so Ling Zhen quickly replied a few words and hurriedly hung up the phone.

On the side, Wei Xi propped his temple with one hand and looked at Ling Zhen with a slight smile, and said, “You are going to join their company. What are you going to do?”

Ling Zhen subconsciously sat down straight and nicely replied, “His manager wants to talk to me about signing the contract…”

“Don’t go.” Wei Xi said.

Ling Zhen, “Huhh?”

The dark fire under Wei Xi’s eyes was finally ignited.

“I can give it to you too,” he said, “don’t go to him.”

In the Mid Summer entertainment meeting room, a few people were sitting and discussing Ling Zhen.

“I checked, this artist… shouldn’t be considered an artist yet. This girl Ling Zhen has not signed with a company. She was able to participate in the audition because of the help of the seniors from her school.”

Zeng Hong was a very experienced agent, and the most promising artist under her hand currently was Jian Wen Yi. 

Jian Wen Yi’s image was good, and the family was strong and supportive. As long as she paved the way, it was only a matter of time before Jian Wen Yi became popular.

The most important step on Jian Wen Yi’s star journey was to win the role of the second female lead in “Questions of the Immortal”. 

Although Jian Wen Yi was beautiful, she still couldn’t overwhelm the popular star for the time being, and in the script, the role of the first female lead was very black. 

Jian Wen Yi’s image matched well with the role of the second female lead, who was cute and fancier.

With Zeng Hong’s own resources and the support from the Jian family, getting that role was originally pretty stable. 

But after that dance party, Zeng Hong noticed Ling Zhen.

She had to admit that Ling Zhen was more suitable for the role of second female lead than Jian Wen Yi. 

Zeng Hong knew that if she could think of it, then the film crew could think of it even earlier, so she had been asking about Ling Zhen’s background from many sources these days.

Except for some rumors, Zeng Hong couldn’t find anything. It could be said that Ling Zhen did not have a company or strong family support. 

All in all, Ling Zhen’s background could not beat Jian Wen Yi.

“So she won the role of third female lead and will not pose a threat to you.” Zeng Hong said to Jian Wen Yi.

Hearing it, Jian Wen Yi’s unpretentious face relaxed, and then she smiled sweetly and replied, “I know.”

On the same day, Jian Wen Yi sent the news to the circle of friends and explained, “Ling Zhen has nothing to do with Qing Xi. So, don’t talk about her like that anymore.”

People in the protagonist’s circle had become accustomed to making fun of Ling Zhen, and it was only natural to refute the rumors.

“It is unnecessary for us to worry. Which one of those who went to the audition that day was better than Wen Yi??”

Shen Yan Chu comforted Wen Yi and replied, “Just wait for the result.”

Song Zhao asked, “When will the cast be announced?”

“Tonight…the official site has been making buzz for a long time.”

“Oh…by then, Brother Yan and Wen Yi will be in the same crew!!!”

The friends sent laughing emoticons.

Shen Yan Chu also laughed and scolded them while Jian Wen Yi lowered her head shyly.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the time when the traffic on Weibo was the highest, the official site of “Questions of the Immortal” announced the main role candidates.

Who on earth would be selected for those well-known roles??

Countless netizens flocked to the official page to urge.

After a while, finally, the official blog was released 

For four roles, eight candidates were selected. And fans and passers-by instantly crowded the comment section!

Among them, there were niche star Gu Wei, upcoming rookie star Shen Yan Chu, famous star Zheng Qian Qian, and some other familiar faces.

Shen Yan Chu’s friends gathered together and watched while making fun of him. When their eyes fell on the second female lead, they were suddenly stunned.

A few minutes later, a huge “fuck?!!” Sounded.

On the other hand, Ling Zhen only remembered to look at the list after taking a shower. She ran around looking for her phone with her half-dry hair. 

Finally, Wei Xi helped her and handed her the phone.



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