GSBVH: Chapter-40


Wei Xi parked his car near a commercial district, and asked, “What do you want to eat??”

Ling Zhen picked a roast duck, and the two entered the restaurant and asked for a box.

While they were waiting for the duck to be roasted, the restaurant sent an iced fruit plate first. 

The fresh fruits were covered with ice and flowers, and when they were delivered, they were covered in white air.

Ling Zhen was now accustomed to Weibo, and many fans were waiting for her to update her news daily, so she casually took a small video with her phone and posted it with a caption:  “Look! There is a fairy spirit!”

After posting it, Ling Zhen put her phone aside and expectantly watched as the chef in the shop pushed the roast duck in.

The duck slices were ready, and the master quit, leaving only them in the box.

Wei Xi slowly rolled the duck slice and carefully handed it to her.

Ling Zhen was not polite, and took a bite, shaking her head with bright eyes, she said, “It smells good!”

Wei Xi glanced at her, and the corners of his lips tickled.

“Eat more.”

After a while, Ling Zhen’s mobile phone on the table suddenly rang.

Ling Zhen was busy eating, so she ignored it.

But immediately after the mobile phone rang again, Wei Xi raised her eyelids and took a look at her.

Ling Zhen wiped her hands and picked up the phone, “Who…”

Once unlocked, a WeChat message popped up.

Gu Wei: “Is it that roast duck restaurant in the business district?”

“I also like that restaurant very much. We really have the same heart!”

Ling Zhen wondered and asked, “How do you know?”

Gu Wei replied in seconds, “I am still following you through my fake account.”

Ling Zhen, “…”

So you were still improving, huh?!

This big star was actually pretty nice, he didn’t have any unapproachable aura. 

Ling Zhen didn’t know what to say in return, so she simply locked the screen and continued to eat her roasted duck.

When Ling Zhen raised her head, she met Wei Xi’s dark gaze.

Ling Zhen blinked, and Wei Xi asked, “Who?”

Ling Zhen took the rolled duck slice and took a bite.

With puffed cheeks, she replied, “Gu Wei.”

Wei Xi’s eyebrows slowly folded, and a trace of impatience appeared in his deep eyes, “Concentrate on eating.”

Ling Zhen ate happily and replied, “I know.”

But the big star seemed to be able to continue the conversation without the other person’s answering.

After a minute, a new message popped out.

“I almost forgot. Actually, I have something to tell you. My agent, you know? She is quite famous in the circle. She was very interested in you after seeing you dance last time. I want to ask if you are interested in joining our company.”

Ling Zhen picked up the phone. While reading the message the speed of her chewing slowed down.

She was actually quite interested in joining the company. 

Although she didn’t know if she could appear in “The Question of Immortals”, seeing other people have manager and a team of assistants, Ling Zhen had always been yearning for it. 

It wasn’t for vanity, Ling Zhen simply felt that she was a bit lonely while dealing with everything alone.

And seeing a well-known manager of a big company throw an olive branch at her, a little cannon fodder, Ling Zhen was still a little flattered.

Ling Zhen put down her chopsticks and happily typed back to him with both hands, “I will.”

Gu Wei quickly sent her a few haha ​​expressions in response, and then directly dialed a voice call.

Ling Zhen felt that this was a business matter, so she stood up with her mobile phone and said, “I will go out to answer it first.”

They were sitting around a big round table with Ling Zhen sitting inside, with a bonsai on one side and Wei Xi on the other. 

For going out, Ling Zhen had to go around Wei Xi. But after she stood up, Wei Xi didn’t move.

Seeing her standing up intending to go out to answer the call, Wei Xi slowly raised up his head and a slightly cold and harsh breath circled around the room.

At this moment, he seemed to once again become the darkened villain in the book.

Ling Zhen thought that he was annoyed because of the movement, so she immediately appeased him back.

“Okay, you don’t need to get up…”

Ling Zhen sat back in the chair and answered the phone. 



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7 months ago

Lmaoooo, ohh LZ you are so dense!