GSBVH: Chapter-4


The marriage between the original host and the villain, Wei Xi was meaningless. 

They didn’t talk to each other and had no time for each other. So, probably Wei Xi didn’t know about the original owner going to the beauty salon to get plastic surgery, or the original owner’s plan to get the divorce.

So, as long as she went home casually, maybe she would pass this part of the villain’s blackening point safely.

The villain, Wei Xi, had a very tragic childhood. His biological father was rich, but he tended to abuse his wife and children in private. 

The ugly growth environment had made Wei Xi’s personality violent, paranoid, and intolerant of betrayal. In reality, he lacked love and stability.

After the death of the last person who loved him, his mother, he was stimulated to become black.

As the first person to taste the blackened villain’s means, Ling Zhen must disarm the blackening pits, and influence him with love, and security. 

After that, leave him safely and peacefully.

After thinking about her future, Ling Zhen stood in front of the door which she had noted from the delivery service app.

After taking a deep breath, she raised a smile filled with love and peace like, as if plastic surgery, or divorce, has nothing to do with the sweet her.

She opened the door, confidently.

In the spacious living room, Ling Zhen saw the man sitting on the sofa at a glance.

The man had a very elegant profile. In the dim skylight, the man’s face was divided between light and shadow. 

The complexion of the man was pale and cold, with a tall nose and soft thin lips under the half-closed eye. The look in his eyes was dull and unclear.

The slender fingers of the man were clutching a thin sheet of paper.

The man looked pleasing to the eyes, but when Ling Zhen saw the piece of paper in his hands, she was scared.  

Long Zhen suddenly remembered that when the original host left the house to get the plastic surgery. Her heart was filled with the thought of chasing love and getting freedom, so she had left the divorce agreement in the living room for her husband to sign.

Ling Zhen seemed to glimpse at the miserable future of her being locked and beaten up in the mental hospital.

Instantly, her desire to survive aroused and she rushed towards the man in a hurry.

In a few steps, she rushed to the table and snatched back the divorce agreement. And quickly hid the divorce agreement behind her back.

Wei Xi slowly raised his half-closed eyes and looked at her. Those dark eyes were filled with irritability and impatience.

The woman in front of him shrank into a small ball. Due to her rash movement, her hair became slightly messy, and her round eyes were trembling.

The man’s hand was still in the air.

Ling Zhen’s heart was thumping, she snatched the divorce agreement from the villain!

Was he going to hit her? Why didn’t he take back his hands?

Ling Zhen’s scared eyes blinked twice, she silently observed Wei Xi’s reaction.

Then she boldly placed her little hand into Wei Xi’s empty hand, which was still in the air.

Wei Xi froze.

“Try to follow me.” The girl softly held his hand, and took a long and slow breath with her slightly  puffed cheeks, and said, “Don’t get angry, try to take a deep breath, and slowly let it go…”



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