GSBVH: Chapter-38


Ling Zhen was still a little embarrassed when she was allowed to go in without an appointment.

Ling Zhen walked around the corner, just as the elevator going up was about to close, she hurriedly trotted over.

In the elevator, He Xi and the staff were waiting for the elevator to close. 

When the little staff saw Ling Zhen running over, she hurriedly pressed the button to open the door. 

Ling Zhen finally caught up, turned around and smiled at her, and said, “Thank you!”

Looking closely, the little fairy’s skin was flawless, beautiful enough to be dizzy. 

The little clerk blushed, and said, “It’s all right!”

He Xi’s thin eyebrows furrowed slightly, and she slanted her eyes to look at the young girl from top to bottom. 

After a moment, her gaze finally fell on the thermos bottle in the girl’s hand.

The front desk was really good, even the family members who delivered the meal could come in.

Ling Zhen took a breath after standing still, seeing that the key on the 17th floor had been pressed, so she didn’t move.

The elevator stopped several times and people got off one after another. The enthusiastic young staff also got off the elevator on the 14th floor.

In the elevator, only He Xi and Ling Zhen were left.

He Xi changed her posture and glanced at the young girl.

In the tone of a hostess, He Xi asked, “Miss, are you coming to Qingxi for something?”

Ling Zhen turned around and politely said, “Ohh, I am looking for someone.”

Seeing that the girl didn’t understand what she meant, He Xi’s tone increased a little bit.

“The 16th floor and above are high-level office areas. You can’t enter without permission.”

Ling Zhen blinked, feeling a little surprised. It turned out that Wei Xi was still the senior employee of this company!

In a few words, the elevator has reached the 17th floor.

He Xi still said, “I am the manager here, you really can’t go in…”

“Ding Dong.”, The elevator door opened.

A handsome man leaned against the marble door with his arms folded, his shirt sleeves rolled up revealing his strong arms.

He Xi opened her eyes in surprise and called out, “Mr. Wei!”

Wei Xi’s eyes fell on the young girl next to He Xi, with a rare chuckle, he handed out his hand to her and said, “Come here.”

He Xi’s smiling face instantly froze.

He Xi suddenly looked at the thermos barrel in the girl’s hand, and then at Wei Xi, thinking in disbelief, ‘Is she delivering food to Wei Xi?!’

What was their relationship??

Could it be…

Wei Xi, the president of Qingxi, was young and handsome but had always been alone. 

The personal information about Wei Xi was tightly protected, and only a few high-level officials know that he was actually married.

But he had never held a wedding, never brought his wife out, or even mentioned her.

He Xi had a lot of guesses, either because Wei Xi’s wife was too ugly, or the marriage between the two was just an empty shell and there was no emotional connection between them.

In either case, He Xi had the confidence to replace her.

But now, she was a little uncertain.


Even if she didn’t want to admit it, the unique aura of the girl could not be ignored.

No feelings??? 

He Xi’s fingers tightly twisted the crocodile leather bag. She had found out that Wei Xi, who usually looks at people with passing eyes, had a focused gaze on the girl.

When Ling Zhen walked out of the elevator, Wei Xi took the thermos bottle from her hand and said, “Heavy?”

Ling Zhen rubbed her wrist and replied,  “It is okay.”

He Xi stepped forward unwillingly, smiled, and said, “Mr. Wei, I just rushed back from City B to give you the report.”

“Report to Zhao Yan.” Wei Xi lowered his head, took a look at Ling Zhen’s wrist, and then directly led her to the office.

Speaking of Zhao Yan, the person arrived, and as soon as Wei Xi finished speaking.

Zhao Yan’s eyes lit up when he saw Ling Zhen in the office and said, “This fairy looks so familiar! Isn’t it our beloved sister-in-law! Your arrival really makes this place splendid!”

He Xi heard the word “sister-in-law”, and suddenly her heart sank.

Moreover, Zhao Yan actually knew her… 

This shows that Wei Xi had allowed her to intervene in his life.



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