GSBVH: Chapter-37


Sure enough, as soon as the news was sent to the chat group, several people instantly replied.

“Damn…she is pretending to be so high now! She must have gone through the back door!!”

“Why is it so nice! I think 80% of it is to gain publicity.”

“Tsk tusk…just don’t come to harm our Brother Yan…”

Someone deliberately said this to Jian Wen Yi, “Wen Yi has a slim chance. Ling Zhen must be fighting for the role of “The Questions of the Immortal”, just in case be aware, don’t let this kind of person rob you…”

Jian Wen Yi replied, “Thank you for your concern. If she really takes any improper measures, I will surely not let it go.”

On the Qingxi first floor, a woman with black wavy hair walked in wearing high heels.

She wore an extremely professional suit and carried an expensive crocodile leather bag. She smiled and beckoned to the colleague she met.

The young staff looked with admiration at her and said, “Wow, Sister Xi Xi, you came back from the field trip??”

He Xi smiled and replied, “I just got off the plane and came directly to the company.”

The staff admired her more and said, “Sister Xi Xi is too dedicated, I think the boss should give you a bonus!!”

He Xi smiled and unconsciously asked, “By the way, is President Wei in the company today?”

“Yes, our department manager went to look for him just now…” the young staff member asked, “Sister Xi Xi, is there an urgent matter to report to President Wei?”

He Xi smiled and said, “Nothing much, just want to report the results…let’s go up.”

The two swiped their cards and walked towards the elevator on the first floor. 

The little clerk turned her head and inadvertently saw a young girl in a plaid white and red skirt and exclaimed in a low voice, “Hey? Does our company still have such beautiful employees??”

He Xi smiled, and the young staff immediately reacted, “Ahh, I didn’t mean that. Sister Xi Xi, you are also super beautiful!”

He Xi smirked and followed the young staff’s gaze, only to see a girl in a red and white plaid skirt, carrying a thermos bucket and talking to the receptionist at the front desk. 

The girl had white and tender skin, looking lustrous even from this distance. The facial features were exquisite and there was a kind of fairy air around her.

He Xi glanced critically, and with a casual tone said, “I haven’t seen this person in the company. I guess it’s the family member of the employee who served food to him. Don’t look at it, it has nothing to do with us.”

“Ohh…” The staff looked back a few times while walking to the elevator with He Xi.

That girl was really beautiful, like a little fairy who could shine!

At the reception, Ling Zhen was a little embarrassed.

After she reported Wei Xi’s name, the young lady at the front desk said that she needed an appointment to see him. 

Hearing about the appointment, Ling Zhen thought to herself, it was so troublesome to meet him in the company. It was easy and better to see him at home.

But Ling Zhen didn’t know that the brain of the young receptionist at the front desk was running wildly, guessing about her relationship with Wei Xi. 

Because of the little beauty who looked too pure, the front desk lady subconsciously ruled out those bad identities.

Was it a younger sister? But they didn’t look like each other??

Girl…girlfriend?? Will their iron-hearted president who seemed to have no blood,  tears, and emotions also fall in love with someone???

Then she saw the little beauty was frowning in distress. The little girl lowered her head and dialed a number with her mobile phone.

The gossiping heart of the lady at the front desk suddenly burned, and she instantly pricked her ears to listen carefully…

“Hello??” Ling Zhen whispered, covering her mouth, she slowly said, “I am here.”

After hearing something from the other side, Ling Zhen replied, “Then can I make an appointment to see you now??”

Ling Zhen didn’t want to be special. 

Since the young lady at the reception told her that everyone had to make an appointment to meet him, she also wanted to follow the procedure.

After hearing these words, Wei Xi couldn’t help but curl her lips.

Wei Xi replied, “Give the phone to the lady at the front desk.”

Ling Zhen obediently said, “Ohh.”

The lady at the front desk took the mobile phone in fear and put it to her ear, and then heard the cold voice of President Wei from the other side.

“Let her go directly to the 17th floor.”


This was really President Wei!!

The front desk lady was so scared that she almost dropped the phone, and instantly replied, “Yes!”


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Yu Yue
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