GSBVH: Chapter-33


After Ling Zhen’s audition, the audition went much faster. The audition of small actors with few characteristics didn’t take much time.

After all, the big boss was gone! And they could finally relax!

After all the auditions were over, the staff began to clean up the room, only then did they know where the loud “bang” during the dance came from – it was the boss who had smashed the water bottle on the ground, the deformed bottle was still lying there.

The staff sighed and picked up the bottle, then tidied up the table. 

Looking at the table, the staff suddenly called out, “Huh”.

Because after the big boss changed seats, all the drinks and fruits were sent to the back row. But nothing was moved, except a piece of candy.

The candy was in red wrapping paper, so the staff clearly remembered it.

The staff was surprised and couldn’t help but say, “Does Mr. Wei, a man like a big devil, also like eating candy?”

The producer happened to hear this sentence, and his expression suddenly became a little difficult to understand.

Just now, when the girl was dancing, President Wei messaged him – [Stop.]

Although it was just one word, he could inexplicably feel a lingering murderous feeling in it. The producer broke out in a cold sweat, and hurriedly stopped Ling Zhen’s dance.

Mr. Wei didn’t say much, but the relationship between him and this girl wasn’t difficult to figure out.

The results of the audition would be announced in a week. At that time, the two candidates would be presented for a role, and then a referendum would be launched on the “The Question of Immortal”official blog to stir up the discussion.

According to the original plot, Shen Yan Chu and Jian Wen Yi would become the first male lead and second female lead respectively. 

The makeup photos of the two were quite amazing, and they were already very popular among the passers-by in the voting. 

If it wasn’t for Wei Xi to blacken and suppress Shen Yan Chu in later stages of the production, then Shen Yan Chu should have been listed among the top stars after this drama.

However, Wei Xi seemed to be stable now, without any signs of blackening for the time being. 

Because of this, maybe Shen Yan Chu would really become the male lead of “The Question of Immortal”.

But this had nothing to do with Ling Zhen. She was just small cannon fodder. 

It would be great if she could play a role in “The Question of the Immortal”, if not, then she would continue to wait for the next opportunity.

Wei Xi was even more indifferent. He didn’t seem to care if his wife had a job or not. 

Ling Zhen observed and understood that Wei Xi wasn’t short of money, but she didn’t know exactly what kind of job he was doing.

Moreover, the time he stayed at home was getting longer and longer recently.

Ling Zhen walked out of the room to drink some water, and Wei Xi was also in the kitchen. 

When he saw her, Wei Xi handed over a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade to her.

When Ling Zhen unsuspectingly took a sip, she immediately burst into tears, “Wowww…”

With a faint smile, Wei Xi had already pushed a small jar of honey over.

Ling Zhen’s facial features were all wrinkled because of the sour citric taste. She quickly ate two spoonfuls of honey. 

But her mouth was still sour, but she was embarrassed to say.

After drinking the lemonade, it felt like she had lost her tongue as if she had eaten spicy food. She quickly breathed out from her mouth, wiggling her tongue.

Glancing at her moisturized lips, slightly opened mouth, and the tip of her wiggling pink tongue, Wei Xi looked away and asked, “Is it sour??”

Wasn’t he embarrassed to ask this!

Ling Zhen dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak, so she could only pout and touch her pockets, muttering, “Hmmph, luckily I have a candy…”

Ling Zhen took out the candy in the red wrapping paper, opened it, and ate it. The candy quickly melted on the tip of her tongue, finally offsetting the sour citric taste.

The round candy lifted one side of her cheek, her hair was loosely tied, and she was dressed comfortably in home clothes. 

After eating the candy, Ling Zhen obediently folded the candy paper with her head down and put it back in her pajama pocket.

Wei Xi’s eyebrows slightly raised, “You…”

Before he could complete it, Ling Zhen’s phone suddenly rang. 


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Yu Yue
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