GSBVH: Chapter-31


The producer and casting director could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Today the big boss suddenly arrived on the scene and shocked them.

The whole audition process wasn’t easy, and the audition today was even more strict, making people feel more tired.

At present, the most prominent male actors were Gu Wei and Shen Yan Chu, and the female actresses were Zheng Qian Qian and Jian Wen Yi.

Especially Jian Wen Yi, although she didn’t have many famous works in her name, those few she had done were all very good. 

She looked beautiful and gentle and gave a good first impression.

The producer and casting director talked a few words in a low voice, then looked at Wei Xi who was sitting at the end of the long table. Their hearts were drumming.

Mr. Wei of Qingxi Investment was known for being notoriously difficult to get along with. 

Today he sat there with a cold face for two long hours, and in the middle, he went out from the side door with a bottle of water and then came back again to sit and observe.

The audition process was long and somewhat boring, and his expression looked more and more grumpy, but he just refused to leave.

Although not sure why, the producer still tentatively asked, “Mr. Wei, if you have an actor you want to see…do you want to call that person in advance??”

Wei Xi glanced at him and lightly said,  “No need.”

“Okay…okay.” The producer wiped his sweat and felt a little mad.

If there are no actors who you want to take care of, so why are you still here?!

After a few more young actors auditioned the producer turned to the next resume, and his eyes suddenly lit up. 

“This is…”

The assistant had already arrived at the door and shouted, “Next, Number 26th, Ling Zhen…”

The casting director, who was originally lacking interest, also revealed a little light and said, “I remember that this person…”

Before he could complete it, he saw the man sitting at the end of the long table suddenly stand up, and left the judge’s seat. 

The man walked to the back corner of the room and sat down.


The room fell silent for a few seconds.

Didn’t everyone know that this actor was very special! Wasn’t it obvious at all!

After Ling Zhen was called, she tidied up her clothes, rubbed her face, and put on a polite smile. Then she opened the door and walked into the audition room.

Many people were sitting in the audition room. The producer and other judges were sitting in the first row, and some other staff members were sitting in the back, so Ling Zhen didn’t look closely at the back of the room.

Ling Zhen was a little nervous. 

Ling Zhen smiled and gently said, “Hello teachers, I am Ling Zhen, number 26. I am here to audition for the role of Junior Sister.”

For some reason, Ling Zhen felt that the expressions on the judges’ faces were extraordinarily kind as if they were not as harsh as she had imagined earlier.

The producer sitting in the middle of the long table looked at her with a smile. It was this little girl who had performed a classical dance at the party that day. 

That day, her dance amazed everyone in the audience.

Today, looking carefully at the girl, he found that the little girl’s appearance was exceptionally good.

She had an immortal aura all over her body and looked particularly like a fairy in an ancient costume.

The producer tapped on a paragraph and said, “Try this one.”

Ling Zhen obediently nodded and replied,  “Okay.”

The little Junior Sister was an arrogant little cannon fodder in this play. In this passage, she insisted on her Senior Brother to buy her candy, but when she was refused by her Senior Brother, she cried stubbornly.

Ling Zhen had already memorized the script, she just took a look at the passage. After that, Ling Zhen took a deep breath and substituted herself into the role.



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Yu Yue
Yu Yue
8 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!!!!