GSBVH: Chapter-3


When Wen Xiao Ning saw that Ling Zhen wasn’t buzzing from her words, she loudly said, “Dream on, you won’t get the money back even if you don’t do the surgery. And in the future, don’t even think about playing with us ever again.”

Shockingly, Ling Zhen didn’t care about her threat, and said, “Transfer the money back, within the three days.”

Wen Xiao Ning became completely embarrassed, and in anger reached out to push Ling Zhen.

“I gave you sh**!”

Unexpectedly, as soon as Xiao Ning moved, Ling Zhen flexibly grasped her arm and a low voice said, “Should I expose the matters of your crush on Shen Yan Chu? Or the matter of taking secret photos of Jian Wen Yi, and trolling her on the internet with your friends.”

“Eon in the wind, do you remember?” This was Wen Xiao Ning Weibo’s id, which she used to write a black post about Jian Wen Yi.

Wen Xiao Ning’s face paled.

How did Ling Zhen know?

Ling Zhen grabbed Xiao Ning’s arm and pushed her to the ground. After being pushed, Xiao seemed to forget to scream. There was only disbelief and panic on her face.

Wen Xiao Ning was just a small character in the male lead’s circle of friends. She was most scared of being kicked out of that circle.

If those things got exposed, how would she get along with Shen Yan Chu?

Ling Zhen, who had read the book, knew what Wen Xiao Ning had done behind the protagonist’s back, and knew how to scare her to get back her money. 

While sitting on the ground, Wen Xiao Ning squeezed out an ugly smile, and said,  “Well, we can discuss it. I gave your money to the beauty salon, how can I still have your money?”

Ling Zhen didn’t believe her nonsense, and said, “That’s not my problem.”

“You…” Wen Xiao Ning choked, but she didn’t dare to scold her.

Before leaving, Ling Zhen glanced and reminded her, “Three days.”

After speaking, she turned and left.

Ling Zhen took out the original owner’s phone and bag of changing clothes. She changed into her and went out. 

When Ling Zhen left the hospital, she found that the biggest problem was…

She didn’t know where she lived.

In the eyes of the suspicious look of the driver, Ling Zhen remembered that there was something called a ‘delivery system’ in this mortal world. She found her house address from that app and finally told the address to the driver.

Ling Zhen was getting scared, as she was getting closer to her new home.

Because there she was going to meet the person who was the biggest challenge to her survival in this world.

Remembering the passage from the novel, “Ling Zhen was locked in a white room, her face was ruined because of the plastic surgery, and her eyes were vacant like black holes. Her fingers were blooded while digging holes in the wall. The people had turned a blind eye to her because she became a madman. Someone had made her a madman. “

This was the last description of the Ling Zhen in the original text.

And the ‘someone’ mentioned in the text was her ex-husband, Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen trembled involuntarily, thinking about the final outcome of the original owner.


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