GSBVH: Chapter-29


The day of the audition came in a blink of an eye.

Ling Zhen put on light makeup, dressed in a draped white shirt and trousers, and took a black bag.

She had dressed very casually.

As she walked to the living room, Wei Xi was busy looking down at his phone, he didn’t notice her.

Ling Zhen waved to him and said, “Then I’m going out.”

Wei Xi put down the phone and got up. He said, “I will send you.”

Ling Zhen felt a little flattered, and embarrassedly asked,  “Are you free today?”

Wei Xi took the car keys and said, “Yes.”

When they arrived at the audition location, Ling Zhen said goodbye to Wei Xi and got out of the car.

As walked into the building, Wei Xi hit the steering wheel and drove the car to the underground parking lot.

Ling Zhen arrived at the place mentioned and waited for the audition to begin.

Suddenly she felt a few many gazes staring at her. As Ling Zhen looked around, she found Shen Yan Chu, and Jian Wen Yi, the female lead’s little girlfriends, and the male lead’s buddies were gathered around.

But she didn’t see Ling Xuan in the crowd.

Some little-known actors were also surrounding them, and the two protagonists naturally became the center of the space.

Ling Zhen didn’t want to greet them. So she found a bench and sat down to read the script again.

Jiang Mei stood beside Jian Wen Yi and loudly sneered, “Look at her, working so hard.”

“She hadn’t studied acting, so she has to work hard!” Another female lead’s girlfriend said.

Because of the previous hot search, more than half of the people present at the scene regarded Ling Zhen as a strong competitor.

And there was some hostility in their hearts. 

As a result, from just a few sentences from Jiang Mei and the others, they understood the situation. 

And the expressions on the faces of those people became much more relaxed.

They even felt a little contemptuous in their hearts.

After a while, the audition for the first male lead was about to begin, and Gu Wei appeared in a hurry. 

As soon as Gu Wei appeared, a commotion was created at the scene.

Gu Wei walked in a stride, and while passing by Ling Zhen, he suddenly stopped.

With a bright smile, he asked, “How are you preparing?” 

Ling Zhen politely replied, “Alright?!”

“Come on…” Gu Wei made a fist, and laughingly said, “I hope we can cooperate.”

Ling Zhen glanced behind Gu Wei and saw a group of people looking over here.

Especially Jiang Mei, who was glaring at her so hard that she could breathe out fire.

Ling Zhen sighed, and thought, I just hope you say a few words less.

The audition process was very long, and many actors were waiting. 

Auditions for important roles were arranged forward, and the roles of cannon fodders were moved backward. 

After a while, Shen Yan Chu and Jian Wen Yi entered the audition room one after another.

While waiting Ling Zhen leaned against the wall and closed her eyes to rest, then she heard Jiang Mei and Song Zhao talking in a low voice.

“Although it’s not very good to say that, I think the male lead should be Gu Wei, after all, he is my idol.”

Ling Zhen understood why Jiang Wei stared so hard at her.

“It’s not necessarily true, I heard…” The other person lowered the voice and slowly said, “Today the big investor is also here, so the audition is very strict.”

“Brother Gu Wei is fine,” Jiang Mei slumped back in her chair, and said, “…but it’s really too long, how long will it take to get us to go in for the audition. I am so thirsty…”

As soon as Jiang Mei finished speaking, she didn’t know what she saw, she suddenly straightened up, and pulled her hair softly behind her eyes.

Then, everyone saw the man in the black suit come out of the corner.

His complexion was cold and pale, and his face looked delicate. A cold glance could make people blush.

Have you ever seen this person in the circle?! Is he here to audition too, he is so handsome…

Therefore, all the men in the waiting room were like they were facing their enemy, but the women were all shy.

Ling Zhen heard a faint commotion, she slowly opened her apricot eyes.



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Yu Yue
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I really would like to see he try it😂

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Yu Yue
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Thanks for the chapter!!!!