GSBVH: Chapter-28


After all, this was the first time Ling Zhen was on the hot search and she was a bit scared. 

She had heard that netizens would curse badly at the people on the trending list if they didn’t like it.

So, Ling Zhen clicked on the post every few moments and watched as the comments climbed up and dozens of people kept commenting.

While lying on the living room’s sofa, Ling Zhen rubbed her eyes. 

She didn’t know who she could share it with, so when she saw Wei Xi who had come out to drink water, she had to stop him and say.

“I…I seem to be trending?!”

Ling Zhen stretched out her white arms and raised her mobile phone to show him. 

Wei Xi also leaned forward a little, glanced at the post, and read it with an unclear tone: “Mango Entertainment: Deeply sorry, Gu Wei’s hand slid and he accidentally liked it! It’s like by mistake, or it’s a secret expression of love…”

Ling Zhen, “??!”

Ling Zhen hurriedly took her phone back and checked it.

It turned out that when she was giving her phone to Wei Xi, she accidentally refreshed it. 

And her Weibo got refreshed, and at that time an unscrupulous marketing account comment got added to the comment section. 

Even after she took away her mobile phone, Wei Xi didn’t straighten up. 

He even propped one arm on the arm of the sofa, and the tall shadow of the whole person was covering her.

With a smile that didn’t look like a smile, he asked, “What’s the intention?”

Not knowing why Ling Zhen somehow felt a hint of danger in the air.

Ling Zhen curled up and with brightened apricot eyes, she hurriedly replied, “Nothing…I…I have a husband.”

Hearing it, Wei Xi straightened up, and said, “Oh.”

The dangerous aura also suddenly disappeared. 

Ling Zhen secretly thought, was it an illusion or…

After returning to his room, Wei Xi closed the door, walked to the window, and made a phone call.

A polite voice came across from the receiver:

“Mr. Wei??”

“Yes, the “The Question of Immortals” Market team took this opportunity for publicity, what?! That’s you…”

“Hey, what?! Look at this trouble…don’t worry. I will let them withdraw the post. What kind of messy things they write…can also be removed?!”

After speaking a few words, Wei Xi hung up the phone coldly.

The clear glass outside the window seemed to clearly reflect the darkness in the black pupils.

At this time, the door was softly knocked.

“Come in.”

The door was slowly pushed open, revealing a small head.

“Are you hungry??” Ling Zhen rubbed her stomach and embarrassedly said, “…I’m hungry.”

This was a friendly invitation.

Although she didn’t know the reason, she was keenly aware of the change in Wei Xi’s mood, so Ling Zhen came to comfort him.

Wei Xi stared at her, then lowered his eyes to let the dark emotions disperse a little bit, and then walked towards her and said, “Well, I’m hungry too.”

In the end, this hot search trended until the evening of the next day, and then only the popularity faded. 

After Gu Wei’s fans worked hard to wash away their idol’s image, the news finally faded out of the public’s sight.

Gu Wei said that he wanted to apologize to Ling Zhen face-to-face for this matter. 

But Ling Zhen politely refused his invitation and said to have dinner on any other day.

Apart from that, Ling Zhen’s life hadn’t changed, it was still the same.

But her Weibo fans have increased by 200,000, and many people comment and send her private messages every day to ask her to dance and upload it.

The audition for “The Question of Immortals” was still a week away. 

Utilizing the time, Ling Zhen devoted herself to the practice. She tried to memorize the entire script thoroughly. 

Although she hadn’t studied acting professionally, she had her aura and a vivid expression.



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Yu Yue
Yu Yue
9 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!!!!