GSBVH: Chapter-27


There was no reason for the big star to not have some friends, and soon a friend came over and asked, “Why is Brother Wei hiding here today? What are you watching?”

Gu Wei’s eyes did not leave the screen, and said, “Looking at the fairy.”

The friend saw the screen, it turned out to be a dancing video of a girl. 

As he watched it for over a minute with Gu Wei, he became a little surprised and couldn’t help but say, “Fuck, this is too fairy-like, do you know her?”

“Yes.” Gu Wei nodded, exited the video, and gave a thumbs-up.

The friend became interested and said,  “Let’s introduce her later!”

“Wait for me first…” The words weren’t finished, and suddenly there was no voice.

The friend was puzzled and asked, “What’s the matter?!”

“I…” With a subtle expression, Gu Wei slowly said, “I seem to…forgot to use the fake account.”

The friend, “?!”

That night, when Gu Wei liked the video a hot search suddenly airborne. 

As far Ling Zhen understood, hot search in this world was equivalent to the list of the top things that were all major events in Heaven.

If Gu Wei hadn’t messaged her to apologize on WeChat, she wouldn’t have known that she had actually appeared on this list.

The video of Gu Wei liking her dance video seemed to have nothing to do with her but all the comments were full of videos of her dancing that night.

And with Gu Wei’s traffic, that hot search was like a rocket, and it was ranked third in just one hour.

Soon, that news spread in the circle of male lead’s friends.

It just so happened that Shen Yan Chu and the others were having a party today, and suddenly a circle of people stopped singing or playing cards, all were busy staring at their mobile phones.

Looking at the trending list, Song Zhao instantly clicked into the hot search and watched the dance video again by the way. 

As soon as he looked up, Ding Ze who was sitting next to him also started watching the video for the second time. 

After watching the video, Ding Ze speechlessly asked, “Okay, am I addicted to watching this? That’s Ling Zhen! God!!”

It was Ling Zhen, to whom they were all indifferent to the past. The one who had been looked down upon by themselves all the time!

Ding Ze was a little embarrassed, and slowly muttered to himself, “But…it was really a good dance.”

Among them, Jian Wen Yi was the one who was most worried now. 

Those in the entertainment circle all understand that Gu Wei’s thumbs-up was almost making Ling Zhen famous for nothing.

During the party, there happened to be some producers standing next to Jian Wen Yi. 

When Ling Zhen danced, they showed a very amazed expression. 

The anxiety in Jian Wen Yi’s heart grew stronger. 

To be able to send Hot Search and that too a trending at the third spot in such a short time, there must be a marketing team operation.

If she guessed it correctly, it should be the official handwriting of “The Question of Immortals”.

Shen Yan Chu naturally understood what Jian Wen Yi was worried about. 

Shen Yan Chu slowly patted her on the shoulder and softly said, “Don’t feel afraid.”

Jian Wen Yi’s little sisters also gathered around and rushed to comfort her.

“What are you worried about? Ling Zhen was just famous for a while. She is still incomparable with you.”

Jiang Mei added, “Besides, even if she gets a role, it will be just cannon fodder. Yours is the second female, both are not on the same level!”

But they didn’t think about that a month ago, they would never have thought that someone like Ling Zhen would bring such pressure on Jian Wen Yi.

Shen Yan Chu said, “For the audition, you have to believe in your own image.”

This was a recognized fact, that Jian Wen Yi’s appearance was very pleasing.

She had always been very popular, and she would definitely stand out in the audition.

With the consolation of everyone, Jian Wen Yi finally showed her angelic smile again.

Well, she should have some confidence in herself.



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Yu Yue
Yu Yue
9 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!!!