GSBVH: Chapter-26


The children’s toy area was near it.

As Ling Zhen was busy looking at the shelves in the distance, she didn’t pay attention to the little boy who suddenly rushed out from the side.

The little boy was about to hit Ling Zhen when Wei Xi unexpectedly stretched out his hand and pulled her aside. 

The little boy couldn’t hold back the momentum and directly hit Wei Xi.

After the pull, as Ling Zhen regained her senses and tried to thank Wei Xi, she suddenly saw the little boy hit him.

She squeezed a cold sweat for the child, did you know who you just hit!

After the hit, the little boy screamed out in pain and rubbed his nose. 

Looking up along a pair of stiff long legs, his eyes suddenly met a pair of violent black eyes.

The man’s black eyes were so terrifying as if he was going to be beaten in the next second.

The little boy stayed quiet for a few seconds and then suddenly cried out  “Wowwww…”

Wei Xi, “…”

As soon as Ling Zhen saw this little boy crying his heart out, she squatted down and touched his head.

“It’s okay…it’s okay! Don’t cry, brother will not blame you.”

The little boy stared at the fairy-like sister squatting in front of him, blinked his big eyes, and stopped crying a little.

Wei Xi was frowning as Ling Zhen was busy coaxing the child.

Ling Zhen slowly wiped the boy’s tears, and gently asked, “Don’t run so fast next time, okay? And if you hit someone, you have to apologize to them, you know?”

The little boy faintly nodded with tears in his eyes.

The little boy bowed to Wei Xi and said, “I am sorry, brother!”

Ling Zhen looked at the little boy and smiled. She straightened up, staring at Wei Xi with encouragement in her eyes.

“…”, Wei Xi.

After being silent for a few seconds, Wei Xi finally compromised and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

Ling Zhen was pleased and her doe eyes were crooked with a smile.

The little boy’s mother quickly rushed over and took the little boy away while seriously apologizing.

The little boy seemed a little bit reluctant to leave.

After walking a little distance, the little boy turned his head and looked at Wei Xi and asked, “Brother, is this sister your wife?”

Wei Xi cooly looked at the kid, and with an inexplicable provocation in his dark eyes, he said, “Yes…Why?!”

“Sister is so good-looking…” the little boy sniffed and sighed again while saying, “Brother, please don’t hit my sister.”

Wei Xi, “…”

Ling Zhen was also shocked.

Unexpectedly, this little child had such a discerning eye at a young age. 

‘Boy, I am also afraid that my brother will beat me!’

When they left, Ling Zhen slowly turned her head towards Wei Xi and asked, “Then let’s go home…Brother?!”

Ling Zhen’s tone was the same as before, still soft to coax the people, filled with intimacy.

Wei Xi raised his thin eyebrows imperceptibly and took the lead in pushing the cart to the cash register.


The blackening point at the party was passed through without danger, and Ling Zhen was very much relieved.

But Ling Zhen didn’t know that her dancing video from that night’s party was filmed by many people, and it was posted on the Internet the next day, causing a small sensation in the entertainment industry.

Many netizens sighed, the fairy had really come down! Fairies could dance!

So they inquired about her Weibo everywhere.

By the time Ling Zhen knew about it, her Weibo account, which hadn’t been updated for a long time, had already gained 10,000 followers.

Reading the various rainbow farts of netizens, Ling Zhen felt quite refreshed and interesting.

That night at one of the luxurious boxes in the KTV in the city center, a group was gathered.

The luxurious box was very lively, some people were drinking and laughing, and some were drinking and shouting.

The only person surnamed Gu was sitting alone on the bar in the corner, holding his mobile phone, not knowing what he was thinking.



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Yu Yue
Yu Yue
9 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!!!!