GSBVH: Chapter-25


After they left, Ling Xuan stomped her feet and unhappily said, “Brother Wang, why don’t you let me complete!”

The manager’s suffocated breath came out, and he instantly shouted, “Say a fart! Get out of here and quickly go home. Don’t create more embarrassment!”

Ling Xuan felt stupid and said, “I still have to meet the producer!”

“Meet a producer? What a fart?! This drama has nothing to do with you. The mud can’t help the wall! Don’t waste your energy, get out of here now!!”

If he knew today’s result, he would have recommended other obedient and sensible female artists. 

After working for a long back and forth, finally, this was the result he got, really bad luck!!

On the way home, the car was silent.

Wei Xi was driving and Ling Zhen was sitting on the co-pilot. 

Ling Zhen didn’t know about cars, but she could feel that this car was very expensive. It was quite comfortable to sit on.

Along the way, Ling Zhen secretly peeked at Wei Xi quite a few times.

When she glanced over for the third time, Wei Xi suddenly turned his face and stared at her silently with his deep dark eyes, and asked, “What are you looking at?”

It was the red light, the car had stopped.

As Wei Xi asked, Ling Zhen hurriedly looked away. 

After a few seconds, Wei Xi was still staring at her and Ling Zhen had no other option than to face Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen turned her head and blinked her black eyes and said, “I am seeing if you are angry.”

Wei Xi raised his thin eyebrows lightly and asked, “What do you think?”

Ling Zhen pursed her lips and thought about how to answer the villain without angering him.

She tried to explain while using an example she had learned, “Look, people have hard teeth and soft tongues and when they get old, their teeth are all lost, but their tongues are still there. Now, do you know what this means?”

To transform the black villain boss into a gentle young man, Ling Zhen used all her accumulated knowledge to preach to him.

“It means that…softness can last for a lifetime!!” Ling Zhen took it up by herself to educate the villain today, with an extremely serious expression, she continued, “With a soft and gentle heart, you will not feel angry and irritable when bad things happen and you will be able to live a long and happy life!”

The facial lines of Wei Xi were sharp. Without blinking his eyes, he stared at her for a while and then suddenly lifted his lips to smile lightly.

Ling Zhen blushed, she lightly coughed and softly asked, “Is there any reason to laugh?”

Wei Xi turned his face back to drive. His lips twitched, and while turning the steering wheel, he said, “I am not soft.”

“???” Ling Zhen.

Was there anything wrong?! Why did it seem you understood something wrong?!

Wei Xi asked again, “What do you want to eat?”

After thinking for a while, when Ling Zhen was about to speak, she saw a supermarket on the side of the road, she suddenly said, “The refrigerator at home is empty and we have free time now. Let’s go buy something and then make it home.”

Wei Xi parked the car on the side of the road, and the two walked into the supermarket to do some shopping.

After coming into this world, Ling Zhen had fallen in love with shopping in the supermarket. 

It was the first time the two had gone to the supermarket together. Wei Xi took over the cart and Ling Zhen had the responsibility to choose.

Ling Zhen liked cooking very much, but she wasn’t good at cooking, so she always had to try several times before a palatable food could be presented. 

It caused the oil at home to be used very quickly.

It just so happened that the vegetable oil in the supermarket was at a discount. The one barrel of oil was free with the other barrel. 

Ling Zhen thought it was a very good deal, so she reached out to take it from the top shelf. But the two barrels of oil tied together were heavier than expected.

And Ling Zhen’s spiritual power was weak now, so she tried and failed a few times.

Helplessly, she turned around and looked at the leisurely standing man behind her and called out, “Wei Xi…”

Wei Xi looked down at her.

Asking the villain boss to help for such a meager thing, Ling Zhen was a little unsure at first.

“Will you…get it for me…??”

Ling Zhen was squatting now, still in the red immortal dress. 

It looked like… the fairy who had danced in the clouds earlier had fallen into more mundane life, reaching out to people for help.

Wei Xi felt inexplicably moved.

Then he silently reached out and lifted the two barrels of oil into the cart.


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