GSBVH: Chapter-24


At this time, Zhao Yan who had quickly adjusted his mentality corrected his identity, and said to the fairy-like sister-in-law who he had met for the first time.

“Except you, President Wei is really not with other females! There was a little beauty just now…of course, not as beautiful as you…who came here to toast, Mr. Wei. But Mr. Wei directly told her to go away…haha!!”

Ling Zhen noticed that the person was called Wei Xi as President Wei, but she didn’t ask much. 

She politely smiled and turned to ask Wei Xi, “You know her? Why did she come to you to toast?”

Wei Xi sneered and said, “She was just free.”

Ling Zhen, “…”

That was right.

Now that Wei Xi was also here, even though the villain boss and the male lead had yet to know each other, Ling Zhen was feeling a little uneasy.

It was better to leave the minefield, so Ling Zhen looked at Wei Xi and asked, “Are we going home? There is nothing good to eat here.”

Wei Xi lowered his long eyelashes and with slightly curled lips said, “Well, let’s go home.”

Zhao Yan who was standing on the side as a vase, “…”

Okay, there was really something wrong here.

Ling Zhen obediently followed Wei Xi and walked towards the first floor, trying to quickly leave the hotel through the back door.

Just as they walked down a few steps, a figure suddenly sprang out from the corner.

Zhao Yan was taken aback, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “What the hell!”

Ling Zhen also stopped and took a closer look at the figure, and it turned out to be Ling Xuan.

Ling Xuan’s head was already burnt out with jealousy, her expression looked almost distorted. 

Seeing Wei Xi and Ling Zhen walking together, she gave a weird laugh and asked, “Going out so early?”

After climbing the big tree of Wei Xi, Ling Zhen wanted to leave Shen Yan Chu behind and treat it as if nothing happened between them. 

There was such a cheap thing in the world?!

Ling Zhen could almost guess her thoughts.

Immediately as expected, Ling Xuan bitterly said the next sentence.

“Are you afraid of staying here because your husband will know your bad things!”

Looking at Ling Xuan’s hysterical behavior, Ling Zhen frowned. 

Some people in the world like to destroy others. If they like things and couldn’t get them, they wouldn’t let others get them. 

Ling Xuan had this kind of twisted mentality.

Ling Zhen had no guilt because she knew that nothing happened between the original body and Shen Yan Chu. 

Her only concern was that if Wei Xi knew about this matter, would he feel that his wife tended to “betray”. 

Would it stimulate the villain boss??

Within seconds many thoughts flashed through Ling Zhen’s head.  

When Ling Zhen was about to speak, a cold voice answered, “I have already told you, get out.”

The hostility in the voice was quite heavy, even Ling Zhen shuddered.

As she stood beside him, only then did Ling Zhen realize that Wei Xi usually behaved very kindly to her.

Because when the big boss was really annoyed, it was almost like eating people alive.

Ling Xuan was also scared and recovered some of her senses. But she persisted and slowly whispered, “I…I just want to tell you the truth…that Lin Zhen…she likes Shen…”

Before Ling Xuan could finish her words, a middle-aged man hurriedly came and interrupted her.

Ling Xuan’s manager was busy today communicating with the directors and producers in the industry just now, and he didn’t watch her for a while. 

Unexpectedly just in a short period, Ling Xuan caused him so much trouble! 

The manager just glanced over from a distance, and suddenly his scalp felt numb.

The main investment in “The Question of the Immortals” had come from Qing Xi. 

Wasn’t this person who Ling Xuan just stopped Qing Xi’s President, Mr. Wei?!

According to rumors, Qing Xi’s President rarely attended these kinds of parties and activities and was known for his bad temper.  

Because of his temper, he was difficult to get in touch with, and he usually get annoyed by this kind of self-assertive artist. 

The manager bit the bullet and said with a smile, “Mr. Wei, this artist is not sensible. Please forgive her!”

Wei Xi’s sullen gaze swept over the two, and the corners of his lips sneered, he asked, “Happy Flower Entertainment?”

The agent hurriedly replied, “Yes…Yes.”

Wei Xi didn’t say anything more and took Ling Zhen straight away. 

The manager quickly pulled Ling Xuan to the side to give way.

When passing them, Wei Xi dropped a sentence coldly, “Don’t show up in front of me again.”

Ling Zhen didn’t understand what Wei Xi meant by that, but the manager’s face was already blue.



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Yu Yue
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