GSBVH: Chapter-23


All the people at the party who knew Ling Zhen before had different expressions on their faces. 

Some were shocked, some were envious and some were jealous. Overall all of those people were depressed and unhappy.

Ding Zhe couldn’t help but say “fu*k” and turned his head to look at Brother Yan.

He saw the “dazzled ” expression on the other person’s face and felt even more frustrated in his heart.

Jian Wen Yi was also looking shocked, and there was a little bit of anxiety mixed with that shock.

Because the second female-lead role that she wanted to audition for had a lot of classical dance. If this dance was seen by the director and producer then…

After finishing her performance, Ling Zhen didn’t stay on the dance floor. She put on her heels and walked out onto the floor. 

When she was passed by Ling Xuan, Ling Zhen gently patted Ling Xuan’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Well, it seems like, I don’t need your guidance.”

Seeing Ling Zhen praised by the audience, Ling Xuan’s mentality had already collapsed and Ling Zhen’s words fully annihilated her confidence.

After satirizing Ling Xuan, Ling Zhen walked straight in one direction. 

As soon as she reached the top of the stairs, she was stopped by Gu Wei who had hurriedly walked over to her side.

With surprised eyes, he directly asked, “Are you a fairy?!”

Ling Zhen thought for a moment and told herself, wasn’t she?

“I am dumbfounded…really…it’s so fascinating, so beautiful,” Gu Wei showed great interest in her and enthusiastically asked, “Shall we formally get to know each other?”

Ling Zhen had to exchange her WeChat contact with Gu Wei, and when she finally found an excuse to walk upstairs alone.

When Ling Zhen took the first big jump in the air while dancing, she saw Wei Xi on the second floor, watching her.

Ling Zhen didn’t expect Wei Xi to come to the party, and she was even a little scared for a moment. 

At this party, too many people could be targeted and abused by the big boss. 

Ling Zhen was very worried that someone would take the initiative to send themself to seek abuse.

As soon as Ling Zhen appeared on the second floor, Zhao Yan was astonished.

There were no other people to talk about, so he could only speak to the boss in excitement.

“Fuck…Fuck! Isn’t she a little red fairy?!”

Wei Xi folded his arms, and he had a hint of irritation in his cold eyes.

“Fu*k!! The little red fairy was really coming here!” Seeing the little lady walking over towards them, Zhao Yan was excited and at the same time a little flustered.

“She is here! She is coming towards us!!!”

While observing Wei Xi’s expression, Ling Zhen approached him.

Seeing that Wei Xi was a little irritable, she became more cautious.

Ling Zhen slowly walked to Wei Xi and asked in a low and gentle voice, “Why are you here?”

Earlier others watched her because she was standing with Gu Wei, but at this moment, after her dazzling performance, the red dress itself had become the focus of the crowd.

All kinds of admiring, exploring, and covetous eyes fell on her thin body, but she stood steady in front of Wei Xi.

She looked like a fairy in the clouds when she danced.

When it was over, it looked like the fairy had fallen back to the mortal world, and walked to his side.

Somehow listening to her voice, the irritation in Wei Xi’s heart was strangely appeased.

Zhao Yan scratched his head, he wanted to get to know the fairy so he quickly interjected, “Mr. Wei, do you know each other?! Who is this lady?”

Wei Xi glanced over and said two words, “My wife.”

Zhao Yan’s eyes rounded and his heart surged with the word “Fu*k!”.

Ling Zhen smiled friendly at Zhao Yan, and then looked at Wei Xi and asked, “Have you just arrived?! Did you encounter any annoying things?!”

“Yes.” Wei Xi replied.

Ling Zhen’s heart tightened and she hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter?”

Wei Xi said, “A woman came here to toast.”

Ling Zhen didn’t need to ask about who the woman was, but she didn’t expect that Ling Xuan would do a series of show operations at the party.



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