GSBVH: Chapter-22


“Look, there, Ling Zhen is going to dance!!”

Ding Zhe was the first person who spotted Ling Zhen standing on the dance floor ready to dance. So she hurriedly called out her friends to see.

“Dam*, it’s really her!!!”

To clearly watch the excitement with others, Ding Zhe and the others gave their best positions to Shen Yan Chu and Jian Wen Yi and moved towards the innermost part of the crowd.

Sure enough, to express her feelings for Brother Yan, Ling Zhen could do anything. 

Although she had tried to act peacefully recently, you see, she couldn’t hold back anymore!

The protagonist’s group present here had the mentality of watching some comic drama. 

After all, those people knew that Ling Zhen had no talent for dancing — if she had such talent, she would have definitely performed countless times in front of Brother Yan before!!

Besides, the current music piece was of classical guqin melody, the music was so melodious that you couldn’t even find any high rhythm to dance any modern dance.

It would be weird to dance to this music even if you were a trained dancer.

Ling Zhen, who was pushed on the dance floor, stood still for a few seconds, and then elegantly bent down to take off her high heels.

A pair of white feet slowly stepped on the marble floor.

Shen Yan Chu and their group watched Ling Zhen with eyes full of excitement. They were really excited to watch her making a joke of herself.

And other people stared at her because she was looking very beautiful, especially under the spotlight. The girl looked like an immortal fairy.

But none of them expected her to dance to the guqin music.

Many people took this opportunity to get closer to others and chat and wait for the next song to show their moves.

At this moment, to the clear music of the guqin, the girl in the red dress gracefully moved on the dance floor!

The toes of the girl were taut, and her feet slowly swept across the circle, her arms were softly lifted in the air.

Ding Ze, who was casually glancing at the dance floor suddenly felt something was wrong. 

Did Ling Zhen just perform a dance move so gracefully?! 

Was this real?!

Looking at Shen Yan Chu and Jian Wen Yi who were carefully staring at Ling Zhen, Ding Zhen felt this was real.

Silence surrounded the hall, only the soft melody of the guqin and a dancing figure in red dress was there.

Ling Zhen’s arm softly moved, and the red draped sleeves of her dress floated slightly. Immediately afterward, her slender legs stretched out, and the dress skirt fluttered. 

And at the moment when she moved in the air, everyone subconsciously held their breath.

Afterward, her toes landed without making a sound.

Everyone was astonished for a few seconds, and then there was a huge cheer sound in the hall!

The classical dance moves like flying clouds and flowing water looked completely natural when Ling Zhen moved.

At this moment, the eyes from all directions were only attracted to the red dress fairy.

Ling Xuan, who was hidden in the crowd, stared at the dance floor in shock.

How could it be?!

How could this happen?!

When did Ling Zhen learn to dance? Did she somehow know that there was this dance today, so she had prepared in advance?!

Ling Xuan angrily twisted her skirt, she almost tore the fabric.

Her eyes were fixed on Ling Zhen, and in her heart, she hurriedly prayed: 

Let her make a mistake! Please, go wrong! God, let her fall on the floor!!!

But the guqin music was becoming clearer, and Ling Zhen seemed to be fully immersed in the ancient melody, her dancing state was getting better and better.

As the music progressed, Ling Zhen leaned over and spread her red sleeves like wings, and lifted her weight gracefully to complete those complicated movements. 

Her clear eyes looked bright with a devoted expression.

Finally, the sound of the guqin faded, and the dance ended with a graceful backward movement. 

The clear eyes of the girl looked towards the unknown distance.

At that moment, everyone had the same thought surging through their heart—

The girl was the last fairy left in the world!

After the dance, the warm applause and cheers lasted for a full minute.



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10 months ago

Thank you for updating author! ❤️ Can’t wait for more 😚

10 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!

8 months ago

I know that the others were very surprised.. to see the “talentless” Ling Zhen dancing so gracefully.