GSBVH: Chapter-21


Many agents have brought their artists to form new relationships and the top artists like Shen Yan Chu were surrounded by various senior directors.

After a while, Gu Wei was also taken away by his agent to meet investors.

Ling Zhen had finally gained her freedom again and walked away from the corner towards the center where people were dancing.

At this moment, the piano music sounded very suitable for ballroom dancing. Ling Zhen saw many actresses were eager to try and showcase their talent including her elder sister.

All the bag investors and producers were present in the hall. If they could attract anyone’s attention then that would definitely help them during the audition later.

A few moments later, Jian Wen Yi too walked into the middle of the dance floor wearing a white skirt and started dancing with Shen Yan Chu.

The handsome man dancing with a beautiful woman looked particularly seductive and everyone around them couldn’t help but applaud.

Ling Xuan had long known that there would be a ballroom dance today so she had long been prepared for it, but she couldn’t compete with Jian Wen Yi and Shen Yan Chu.  

Only when the dance of the two of them was finished, then Ling Zhen stood up on the center of the dance floor and performed the professional ballroom dance that she had learned before.

Unexpectedly, all of sudden the soft piano music turned into an active waltz!!!

Ling Xuan instantly turned silly.

Ling Xuan, who was still standing in the center, under the crystal chandelier, looked like a stiff piece of wood.

She could even hear Jian Wen Yi’s little friends laughing at her!!

Listening to the jeering, Ling Xuan’s face instantly flushed. 

Everyone saw a good-looking girl come to the dance floor and wriggled a few times and then she hurriedly left.

Ling Zhen watched all that with interest.

Ling Zhen also liked to sing and dance most when she was in the fairy world. It was just that those movements used to be complicated, a bit too grand compared to these steps.

After facing embarrassment, Ling Xuan hurriedly left the dance floor. 

The atmosphere looked relaxed, the accompaniment also changed from waltz to hip-hop style, and many young people joined the dance floor.

Then the genre changed, now it was time for melodious guqin music.

In the entertainment industry, mainly everyone learned the popular dance steps and there weren’t any classical dance professionals invited here today, so as soon as such elegant ancient music came out, the dance floor instantly became empty.

Everyone started talking with the people standing next to them while waiting for the next suitable accompaniment to showcase their talent.

Listening to the ancient music, Ling Zhen rhythmically shook her head while enjoying the guqin tune, but suddenly someone pushed her hard.

Ling Zhen was unprepared, so with a push, she was instantly pushed to the middle of the dance floor!!

Others thought that the young lady wanted to challenge this difficult music piece, so they applauded in encouragement.

Standing on the second floor, when Zhao Yan saw the scene he called Wei Xi and said, “Mr. Wei! The little fairy is going to dance!!!”

After taking the action, Ling Xuan quietly stepped back into the crowd, and no one realized that she had knowingly pushed Ling Zhen on the dance floor.

How could she be the only one embarrassed in front of others?! If someone behaved more foolishly than her then others would definitely forget her!!

Looking at the glamorous-looking Ling Zhen, Ling Xuan was very jealous.  

But now her heart was very happy, since childhood Ling Zhen’s limbs were not in coordination, she looked ugly even while doing regular cardio exercise!!!

How could Wei Xi and Shen Yan Chu look at her?!

Even if Ling Zhen’s face looked better, with her clumsy ugly duckling style, she couldn’t be a white swan!

Amidst encouraging cheers, Ling Zhen stood straight in the middle of the dance floor.

Ling Zhen didn’t even look back to see who had pushed her but sighed quietly.

How could the fairy Ling Zhen be afraid of dancing?!

Now that she had been pushed into the limelight, then Ling Zhen could only bend and took off her high heels to prepare for the dance.



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11 months ago

i love this~~