GSBVH: Chapter-20


Not only Ling Xuan but also Jian Wen Yi and her little sisters found out that the beauty in the red dress was Ling Zhen.

“What? When did Ling Zhen hook up with Gu Wei?!” Jiang Mei asked others in disbelief, “Didn’t Ling Zhen deny having plastic surgery??”

Long Zhen didn’t admit it, but how did she look so good without plastic surgery?

People who listened to Jiang Mei’s last half of the sentence understood it.

Ling Xuan also fiercely gritted her teeth and then pretended to be relaxed and said, “The white foundation must be quite thick!”

Hearing her words, several people nodded in agreement while still keeping their doubts in their hearts.

Even if you could apply a thick foundation on your face, can anyone apply it all over their body?!

Ling Zhen’s arms and legs looked clearly as white as white tiles.

Seeing Ling Zhen’s exceptionally beautiful face, Jian Wen Yi also had a complicated expression on her face, but when she turned her head and saw Shen Yan Chu walking in from the front door, her face instantly flushed.

As soon as Shen Yan Chu appeared inside the hall, he immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention.  

Not only did Shen Yan Chu look outstanding, but also his clothes were creative, he looked like a gentle eldest master.

The crowd instantly surrounded Shen Yan Chu, and Ling Xuan was squeezed aside by the rush, her face immediately became bad.

Ling Xuan couldn’t help but want to glance at Ling Zhen again. 

But when she turned around to stare, she happened to see the man in a black suit standing in the corner of the second floor of the hall.

Suddenly Ling Xuan’s eyes lit up, she quickly peeked at Ling Zhen and quietly left Jian Wei Yi’s group of friends.

She hurriedly walked to the second floor.

When Zhao Yan first received the text message, he didn’t believe that Wei Xi could come to attend the party. 

He wasn’t able to believe it until he personally went to the back door of the hotel to receive the big boss.

“Why are you here suddenly?” Zhao Yan asked in a puzzled tone.

With a faint expression, Wei Xi said, “Come here to eat.”

Zhao Yan, “…”

Okay, he didn’t know the boss was always so casual.

Bringing the big boss to the VIP section on the second floor, Zhao Yan was about to let the hotel cook dinner for the boss.

After coming to the second floor, Wei Xi walked near the handrail and his eyes swept condescendingly on the crowd gathered in the lobby.

After searching, his gaze fell on a corner.

Zhao Yan’s eyes also followed the boss’s line of sight, and he saw Gu Wei, a very popular actor, was smiling and talking to a beautiful girl in a red skirt. 

Zhao Yan couldn’t help but ask, “Are actresses so pretty nowadays?”

Looking at the corner, Wei Xi’s eyelashes drooped, blocking the deep look in his dark eyes.

It looked like his little wife was really a very friendly person, she wasn’t just kind to himself.

Zhao Yan was still busy praising the stunning lady who looked like a little fairy in a red dress, but he was unexpectedly interrupted by an annoying voice…

“Wei Xi?!” Ling Xuan, looking in awe and full of surprise, walked on the second floor and while clutching her chest, she said, “Is it really you?? What a great coincidence I met you here.”

Wei Xi retracted his deep gaze and glanced coldly at the uninvited person.

With a grin, Zhao Yan said, “Oh, it is rare for a girl to find Mr. Wei.”

Zhao Yan continued and happily asked, “Mr. Wei, and that too a beautiful woman?!”

When Ling Xuan heard the person say “Mr. Wei”, she instantly felt sad about Ling Zhen’s fortune.

Wei Xi actually knew a person from her own company?!

Ling Xuan smiled and moved a few steps closer to Wei Xi and said, “I haven’t seen Mr. Wei for a while. Today, it happens to be fate…”

Wei Xi suddenly frowned, and with a trace of hostility he asked, “Who are you??”

Ling Xuan’s smile instantly became stiff.

Wei Xi showed no mercy and spoke again.

“I don’t know you. Just get out.”

Seeing the boss’s violent mood, Zhao Yan didn’t dare to speak, and hurriedly stepped forward and said, “This is the VIP section, beautiful lady, I will take you down…”

Ling Xuan’s delicate face lost all the temperature, and her face looked red and white.

Her delicate fingers twisted the expensive skirt and hastily ran down the stairs in embarrassment.

Seeing the beauty was gone, Zhao Yan breathed a sigh of relief, but just as he was about to say something, soft music sounded in the hotel lobby.

The party had begun.


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