GSBVH: Chapter-2


Outside the operating room, Wen Xiao Ning had enthusiastically sent a candid photo on the WeChat group. Both Shen Yan Chu and Jian Wen Yi were in this group.

This was a photo of Ling Zhen in a hospital gown. Xiao Ning even shared the location, ‘XYZ Beauty Salon.’

As soon as she sent the message, the group exploded.  

Song Ze: “F***, is she going to get plastic surgery for Brother Yan?”

Ding Ze: “To fight Wen Yi, she had to get under the scalpel.”

Wen Xiao Ning was satisfied with the comments, the group became lively because of the photo. 

When she was about to reply and add something more, she heard a loud ‘bang’ behind her. The door of the operating room was abruptly opened.

After turning her head, she saw Ling Zhen who was still dressed in a hospital gown, walking out from the operating room.

Wen Xiao Ning frowned, and asked, “What are you doing out here?”

Looking at the woman guarding the door, Ling Zhen guessed who she was. 

When the original owner decided to undergo plastic surgery, she wanted to go to a regular hospital. It was Xiao Ning who said that she had a friend who recently opened a beauty salon.

She convinced her that her technique was reliable and she could even give her a discount.

Wen Xiao Ning was Jian Wen Yi’s little sister. But, the original owner trusted her. She believed her and transferred all her little savings to Wen Xiao Ning for this surgery.

Not only, Wen Xiao Ning takes away a large share of that money, she also publicized the matter of her surgery. 

Most importantly, she informed everyone that Ling Zhen used Jian Wen Yi’s face as the model for plastic surgery. This caused the male lead’s friends to ridicule and verbally abuse the original owner.

Looking at this vicious cannon fodder, Ling Zhen said, “I am not doing the surgery.”

“Not doing the surgery.” Wen Xiao Ning raised her voice and said, “It took me two days to get such a big discount from them. Without me, you won’t get such a cheap price…”

Before she could say more, Ling Zhen suddenly asked, “Thank you for your hard work, but how much did this salon promise you?”

Wen Xiao Ning, who was stunned, subconsciously replied “Sixty Thousand.”

After speaking, Xiao Ning realized that she had been conned, and her proud face just turned pale. 

Ling Zhen knew.

Wen Xiao Ning hurriedly went through their previous things, and slowly breathed out. There was no evidence against her. 

Even if Ling Zhen knew the truth, she wouldn’t dare to tear the face with her. Because she was her only friend in the circle, and without her, Ling Zhen couldn’t stay in the circle. So, she wouldn’t dare to ruin their relationship.

Wen Xiao Ning became peaceful after thinking about it and pretended to affectionately pull Ling Zhen’s arm like earlier.

“Don’t make trouble, don’t you want to be beautiful? Don’t you persuade me? I will go and beg the dean, and restart the surgery.”

Ling Zhen didn’t respond but slowly pulled out her arm from Xiao Ning’s clutch.

“I have already said it, I am not going under the knife.” Ling Zhen slowly, but clearly said, “So, you should go and transfer my money back to me. And leave the rest to me.”



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