GSBVH: Chapter-19


After being chided by Wei Xi once, Mother Ling didn’t dare to call and pester Ling Zhen, so 300,000 yuan that Ling Zhen had extorted from Wen Xiao Ning was still in her hands. 

Ling Zhen wasn’t stingy, she was very generous while shopping for clothes.

The shopping guide, who was watching Ling Zhen tried on a different dress, was very happy.  

Ling Zhen, who was an immortal beauty, looked as good as a human-shaped clothes rack in the store. 

Just by standing in the clothing store for a while, the passenger flow had increased!!

After trying different dresses, Ling Zhen finally picked a dark-red dress. 

The style of the dress wasn’t very complicated, but it had many ingenious design details. 

The dress had a shallow v-neck that beautifully revealed a snow-white swan neck, and the full-length draped sleeves showcased her slender wrists. 

The waistline of the dress was very thin, and it spread downwards into a swaying dovetail skirt design. 

The thigh slit was glamourous and it beautifully exposed her straight and slender calves.

Looking at the image in the mirror, Ling Zhen was very satisfied.

Ling Zhen usually liked to wear casually at home, it was either a big T-shirt or loose pajamas. 

It had been a long time since she had cleaned herself up, so gorgeously. 

Just by dressing up a little, the aura of the whole person had changed.

The young lady in the mirror had big bright eyes with an immortal face, it was 80% of the appearance of the Fairy Ling Zhen.

Many men wanted to come forward and strike up a conversation, but Ling Zhen didn’t care. She paid the money for the dress and hurried home.

After reaching home, she put on a simple makeup and ordered food for Wei Xi’s dinner. 

Ling Zhen even left a note near the dinner for Wei Xi before going out.

Ling Zhen had no agent or assistant, so she directly went to the hotel lobby. 

The hotel staff at the door was about to stop her, but when she saw Ling Zhen’s immortal appearance, she stammered and asked, “You…Are you an actor?!”

Ling Zhen took out the invitation text message that she had received and showed it to the hotel staff.

Looking at the invitation message and again looking at Ling Zhen’s appearance, the hotel staff blushed and asked her to come in.

Going inside, Ling Zhen found that everyone had already started socializing, and there were quite a few familiar faces in the crowd. 

She saw Shen Yan Chu, Jian Wen Yi, and their little group at the party.

Ling Xuan wasn’t acquainted with them, and she didn’t want to interact with them, so she walked to the other side near the cooking area took a glass of green plum wine, and drank it slowly.

Behind her, a little actor was gossiping.

“I heard that the big investor boss behind the drama isn’t coming today…”

“Qing Xi? It is normal not to come here. Their boss hardly participates in any such event.”

“But although the big boss is not coming, the other producers will come. Gu Wei and Shen Yan Chu both will come too, my God!!”

“I like him!!! I have watched Shen Yan Chu’s drama three times!! Ahhh, I look forward to meeting him today…”

“Huhh, I think Gu Wei is the most handsome…”

The two little actors left while gossiping about other actors. 

Ling Zhen slowly sipped the sweet wine while remembering who Gu Wei was. 

At this time, a young handsome man strode past her.

The young man looked quite elegant and heroic. He glanced at Ling Zhen, who was standing in the corner and walked past her and then stopped to look at her again. 

Ling Zhen, “???”

The man stared at her for three seconds and then walked over directly to Ling Zhen.

He stretched out his slender hand and elegantly said, “Hello, little fairy…”

Ling Zhen was dumbfounded, who was this guy??

The young man slowly curled his lips and smiled while introducing himself, “I am Gu Wei.”

— Ahh, seeing the real person in front of her, Ling Zhen suddenly remembered that Gu Wei was the actor who later became the male lead in “The Question Of Immortals”. 

Shen Yan Chu who was originally selected was destroyed by the villain, and Gu Wei got to play the role. 

After the drama was broadcast, he became very popular.

Ling Zhen also stretched out her hand and shook his hands firmly and said, “Hello, I am Ling Zhen.”

Gu Wei looks very cheerful.

With a big smile, he asked, “You are also an actor? Do you come here for the audition? I haven’t seen you before?? Which role are you trying to get??”

Gu Wei’s tone was happy and relaxed, but Ling Zhen still felt a little uncomfortable while communicating with him.

Ling Zhen could feel numerous eyes looking in her direction. Gu Wei was a well-known actor in the industry with many masterpieces and high popularity. 

His popularity and personality were originally what everyone wanted to be friends with, so naturally many people had noticed his location.

Among those people, her sister, Ling Xuan was also counted. She was also carefully looking in their direction to be sure that the beauty in the red dress, who was standing next to Gu Wei was actually her own sister!!



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