GSBVH: Chapter-18


On this trip Ling Xuan wasn’t even able to see Wei Xi’s shadow, instead, her mood was ruined by Ling Zhen. 

Ling Xuan was feeling furious to death. 

It took her a long time to feel better when she came home and listened to her parents scolding Ling Zhen for being a white-eyed wolf.

Who did Ling Zhen think she was? 

She still had the face to refuse her advice!!!

After coming back to her room, Ling Xuan took out the high-brand dress that she loved and recalled the dance movements that were taught by her teacher in the dance class in her mind.

Remembering those moves, Ling Xuan felt her confidence swell up again.

— Look, she would definitely slap Ling Zhen’s face at the party!

In a few days, it was the day of the reception.

For a long time, Ling Zhen was worried and wanted to find an opportunity to ask Wei Xi about the party.

She finally found an opportunity on the day of the party, so she asked, “Well…Wei Xi, are you going out tonight?”

Wei Xi casually replied, “No.”

“Oh…ohhh.” Hearing the negative reply, Ling Zhen turned around and quietly let out a long sigh of relief.

It seemed that the plot had changed!

This time, Wei Xi didn’t plan to attend the party, so the blackening point was also skipped!!

Now that Wei Xi wasn’t going, then things became easier. She had been preparing for this party for so long, and she didn’t want to miss such a good opportunity.

Ling Zhen happily said, “Then, I will go and prepare in advance.”

Recently, both of them were eating together. Ling Zhen had never asked Wei Xi about his job, but Wei Xi always went home on time, and gradually they started eating together.

Now it’s become a habit.

Wei Xi slowly raised his eyes and stared at her, without asking what she was preparing for.


Qingxi Investment.

After organizing the schedule, Zhao Yan went into the president’s office and knocked lightly on the glass door.

“Mr. Wei, are you really not going to party tonight?”

Wei Xi, who was busy dealing with official work, didn’t even look up and said, “No.”

“Most of the actors are going to attend it, after all, there will be a great chance to meet with new investors and producers,” Zhao Yan walked to Wei Xi’s desk, and asked again, “Not interested at all??”

After signing on the last page of the file, Wei Xi coldly spoke.


“Okay, All right,” Zhao Yan also knew his boss’s character, so he walked away with his coat, and said, “Then I will take Xiao Liu to go and see the beautiful woman of the entertainment industry…”

After reading the folder, Wei Xi put it down and glanced at the time. Then he packed his things and returned home.

After arriving home, he opened the door and changed his shoes.

Walking into the living room, We Xi found a weird silence.

Only then did Wei Xi understand what Ling Zhen meant by ‘prepare in advance’.

— There was no one in the house, and his dinner was set alone on the dining table.

Ling Zhen even thoughtfully left a note on the table.

“I am going to an event tonight, I won’t be able to have dinner with you! The meal is on the table. Warm it before eating!!”

Wei Xi, “…”

After a few moments, Zhao Yan suddenly received a text message from Wei Xi.

“Send me the address of the party.”

A very important marketing gimmick of this cocktail party was its unique theme.

To create the atmosphere of the immortal cultivation world, and arouse discussion for “The Question of Immortals”, the theme of this cocktail party was “Cultivation”.

In the original plot, to attract the attention of the investors and directors, the actors from all walks of life had racked their brains to ingeniously dress up in cultivation world costumes.

Among those actors, the male and female protagonists were of course the most prominent ones.

After the party, Jian Wen Yi’s white skirt was widely acclaimed by critics. 

While Shen Yan Chu, in a white shirt and fairy spirit, had totally fascinated the original body.

Ling Zhen still had a vivid impression of the original body’s dress, because the cruel author had given an exaggerated description to it.

To show the word “Cultivation” by her dress, the original owner hung a pair of huge feathered wings on her back, and then she ran around Shen Yan Chu like a big bird, with bad eyes.

Imagining the scene, Ling Zhen felt sorry for her face. 

At this party, Ling Zhen didn’t intend to be eye-catching, not to mention, this theme actually didn’t need to be so emphasized.

For her it was already like a daily life routine, after all, she had been a fairy.



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Batata Anisia
Batata Anisia
1 year ago

Into the phrase “Remembering the moves, Ling Zhen felt her confidence swell up again”, shouldn’t be Ling Xuan instead of Ling Zhen??
Thanks for the chapter 💛