GSBVH: Chapter-16


Ling Zhen was a little surprised at first, and then she felt a little moved.

The first chapter of “The Guide to Become a Kind Person” heavily emphasized the beauty of being helpful. 

So, Wei Xi must have read the book that she had gifted him, Ling Zhen felt quite moved.

Although this was a small step, from helping the villain from being blackened, it was still a step in a positive direction.

While standing close, there was still a safe distance between Wei Xi and her. 

Ling Zhen slowly tilted her head and saw the angular face of the man with thick eyelashes and a tall nose.

Even though Wei Xi’s eyebrows were furrowed and he looked quite impatient, but sporadically a slight gentleness was still revealed.

And that slight gentleness was quite lethal.

However, Ling Zhen before could recover, and the milk ‘hit’ the bowl, and the rich fragrance of ginger floated over.

After putting back the rest of the milk on the kitchen counter, Wei Xi released her hand and stepped aside.

Quickly taking her gaze back, Ling Zhen took a spoonful of milk from the bowl and check it. The milk had finally turned into the firm and smooth jelly.

Ling Zhen smiled happily, and held the bowl to Wei Xi, and said, “Try it!?”

Although Wei Xi had helped her in transferring the milk, she had worked hard to squeeze the ginger juice and to slowly thickened the milk while adding sugar.

To perfectly control the temperature of the milk, she had to cook several pots of milk.

Even though the craftsmanship was poor, but the sincerity was there.

Wei Xi raised her eyes and looked at her, and she reached out and took it.

The smell of the milk in the air was very mellow, with a hint of the pungent aroma of the ginger, which is a very unique taste.

In Wei Xi’s memory, the last time someone cooked something for him was before his mother fell sick.

For more than ten years, no one had ever done anything like that for him.

After Wei Xi took a sip, Ling Zhen looked at him with an expected gaze and asked “How is it?”

After taking a sip, Wei Xi raised his eyebrows, and drank the whole bowl without changing his face, and said, “It’s okay.”

Listening to Wei Xi’s words, Ling Zhen felt a sense of accomplishment, so when Wei Xi left the kitchen, Ling Zhen cooked a bowl of custard in the same way, and try to taste it herself.

After taking a sip, the “Hiss!!!” sound rang in the kitchen.

Dam* ghost!

The custard was so spicy that after only taking a sip, Ling Zhen was about to cry!!

Sure enough, the villain boss had a heavy taste!!!

As the days passed by, and the cocktail party day got closer, Ling Zhen felt more and more uneasy.

Ling Zhen wanted to experiment and keenly observe Wei Xi’s state of mind every day.

Ling Zhen felt that the villain boss’s mind was stable, and there were no signs of being pushed to blacken by the plot.

The villain boss was initially blackened by the original owner, and with her arrival, the first blackening point was successfully altered.

The later blackening occurred because of the male protagonist who stood against the villain, and currently, they hadn’t even met yet.

Nowadays, Ling Zhen was working hard to cultivate feelings with the big boss, while praying that the male lead and the villain boss would never meet.

But she didn’t expect that someone would come up to meet her so soon.

“Hi? I am outside your community. You, come out and pick me up!”

When Ling Zhen received the unexpected call from Ling Xuan, she felt truly speechless.

She seemed to underestimate the ability of her sister to act, and her sister’s degree of dedication towards her brother-in-law.

Ling Xuan only knew the community, but not the building or the house number.

At the moment, Ling Xuan had dressed exquisitely and was standing at the gate of the community with two big boxes of gifts.

She even wore a pair of extravagant sunglasses, making passers-by think that she was some kind of big star.

“I brought a box of bird’s nest you like and a small gift for my brother-in-law…” Ling Xuan freed her hand and took off her sunglasses while enjoying the passer-by’s gaze, and said, “Hurry up, someone had even photographed me. “

Ling Zhen sighed and helplessly sad “Wait there for a moment.”

Ling Zhen walked out her room to change her sleeper and walk to the entrance gate of the community.

When Wei Xi came out of his bedroom, he saw Ling Zhen changing slippers, and asked, “Are you going out?”

“Well…” Ling Zhen thought for an excuse for a while, and hastily ran to the kitchen and took the garbage bag with her, and said, “I will go downstairs to throw out the garbage.”

Wei Xi stared at her, and asked, “Can I help you?”

“No need!! You don’t have to go out. I will go and take care of it!” Ling Zhen promptly refused.


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