GSBVH: Chapter-15


Although Ling Zhen rejected Ling Xuan’s treacherous kindness, she had planned to carefully prepare for “The Question of the Immortals” audition.

The reason was quite simple: Ling Zhen wouldn’t stay at Wei Xi’s forever. 

After leaving Wei Xi, she needed a job to settle down. The money on hand would bring her a sense of security, but it was not the only reason, after reading the script of “The Question of the Immortals”, she felt that this role suited her well.

Not to mention other things, just the degree of adaptation needed in the attitude for wearing the ancient cultivation costumes, there would be no other person better than her in this world.

Therefore, even though Ling Zhen was only interviewing for a small side role, a fourth female-lead, still Ling Zhen prepared for it very seriously.

Ling Zhen watched other costume dramas aired in recent years, and tried to study the eyes, tone, and expression of those actresses. 

For several days, Ling Zhen chanted the lines of those dramas at home and even asked Wei Xi several questions related to cultivation dramas.

After a few days, Ling Zhen suddenly remembered the matter and went out.

It had been a while since she last visited Wei Xi’s mother. So she bought a box of nutritional products and a bunch of gorgeous daffodils and went to the hospital.

Mother Wei was in a good spirit, and she looked even better than when she first saw her here. 

Looking at Mother Wei, you could see that although Mother Wei still looked sick, her expression was much better than the last time.

Mother Wei smiled and in a gentle tone said, “You looked more beautiful than the last time.”

It wasn’t her illusion, her daughter-in-law was really getting more and more beautiful every time she saw.

Her skin had become fairer and hydrated, her apricot eyes and pink lips looked like jade, and her whole body had an indescribably glow.

Ling Zhen knew that this was all because of the Life-Spirit Bead. She had recovered about 70% of her fairy looks. 

Ling Zhen smiled and said, “Today, your spirit looks a lot better.”

Mother Wei held her hand softly, and in an old and gentle voice said, “I am fine.”

Ling Zhen was a junior in the Immortal Realm, and many elders had spoiled her, so she had been eccentric since she was a child. 

Now looking at kind and gentle Mother Wei, Ling Zhen recovered the feeling of being a pampered child. She couldn’t help but feel a little coquettish.

“Wei Xi has a bad temper, and it sometimes scares me.”

“I know…” Mother Wei softly squeezed Ling Zhen’s hand and said, “A’Xi is different from other children, he has a bad temper. I have wronged you to match with him.”

Hearing those words, Ling Zhen thought of the death of her mother-in-law in the original plot, and Wei Xi blackened behavior because of that, and suddenly felt a little sour.

Mother Wei shook her hand and said, “Let me tell you a secret, A’Xi himself didn’t know this.”

Ling Zhen cooperated and with a curious look, asked, “What is it??”

“A’Xi likes things that are personally made by other people…” Mother Wei said in a nostalgic tone.

“No matter what you make, as long as you make them with your own hands, A’Xi will accept it.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened.

So, when Wei Xi returned home, he heard a jingle from the kitchen.

Wei Xi frowned and walked towards the kitchen. 

When he walked near the kitchen, he saw Ling Zhen scrambling a pot of milk.

Seeing Wei Xi, Ling Zhen became a little panicked, and the slightly round apricot eyes flickered twice.

“You…Why are you back so early?”

Wei Xi slightly leaned on the kitchen door, and while holding his arms, he asked, “What are you doing?”

Ling Zhen held a pot of warm milk in her hands and pointed at the bowl of ginger juice on the chopping board.

“Ginger Milk Custard.”

She thought making “custard” would be easy, but she didn’t realize that it was actually a very technical job until she tried it!

Wei Xi stared at the messy cooking table and found it troublesome.

“Is there no staff at home?”

“I am…” Ling Zhen held the pot with difficulty, and said, “I am making it for you.”

Wei Xi knew she was trying to please him.

Buying gifts, leaving a warm dinner, all seemed like she was trying hard to please him. 

Wei Xi couldn’t understand the feelings of pleasing others. He hated this kind of hypocritical behavior, but this was the first time he accepted and approved such clumsy flattery.

It was clumsy, yet a bit real.

Ling Zhen never knew that she was clumsy, but after ‘breaking’ three bowls in a row, she started doubting her life.

“Wait a little longer, I think probably…I will make it soon…”

Before Ling Zhen could finish speaking, she was stunned.

Wei Xi was pinching her left wrist!

Subsequently, he also held her right hand. The man leaned from behind only leaving a little distance away, his body had somehow half circled her.

Holding her hands, Wei Xi steadily put the hot milk into the bowl of ginger juice, and said, “Too stupid.”



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I build ships for living!!!😤🤭

This is sooooooo cute😍🥴
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I really love your translations good luck~!✨