GSBVH: Chapter-14


In the original plot, the cocktail party for the drama “The Question of the Immortals” was at least a month or two away. 

Could it be that this was a butterfly effect created because of her arrival? She had come here and changed the plot, so the original timeline of the story was also advanced??


Did it mean that the next possible blackening point of the villain boss was also advanced? 

Even though the first blackening point had passed, Wei Xi’s personality was still paranoid and violent. So, for the sake of the plot, he still may be blackened at the next point.

She must have to hold steady!

Ling Zhen bowed her head and glanced at the text message sent by Ling Xuan. First of all, she must work hard to prevent this cannon fodder sister from angering Wei Xi. 

Ling Xuan had bad intentions towards Wei Xi. 

Although Ling Zhen didn’t feel any jealousy as a wife, she didn’t want to be dragged down by an idiot like Ling Xuan.

So she replied, “Don’t bother.”

Seeing Ling Zhen’s reply, Ling Xuan who had stayed up all night waiting for the reply and only receiving those four words, felt dizzy with anger. 

When Ling Xuan heard from her mother that Ling Zhen’s wings had stiffened and recently she even dared to talk back, she didn’t believe it, but now…

Could it be that Ling Zhen’s relationship with Wei Xi had changed and became better?

Thinking about that, Ling Xuan felt even more anxious.

“Ling Zhen, I’m usually very busy and I don’t have any time to teach you.”

Ling Zhen still didn’t show any reaction and motionlessly replied, “It’s okay.”

When Ling Xuan received that text message, she smashed her phone on the bed with anger.

“Paaa…” The noise could be heard from outside.

Hearing the noise, Mother Ling’s caring voice immediately sounded from outside Ling Xuan’s room.

“Xuan Xuan? Is everything alright? What’s the matter??”

When Mother Ling came inside the girl’s room, Ling Xuan took advantage of the situation and hurriedly filed a complaint against Ling Zhen.

“I truly wanted to teach Ling Zhen some acting, but she refused! She even trampled on my kindness!”

Mother Ling quickly calmed Ling Xuan.

“Xuan Xuan don’t get angry! She is just getting crazy, so you don’t have to waste your time on her. No matter how good you can teach, it will be useless for her. The director won’t let her enter his crew.”

Ling Xuan unwillingly bit her lips, how could she teach Ling Zhen?

Mother Ling was still busy comforting her.

“Don’t get angry, you have to go to bed early. Tomorrow, there will be your dancing lessons!”

The cocktail party next week was very important, and for this reason, their family spent a lot of money to buy a new high-end dress for Ling Xuan. 

When Mother Ling paid the money, she couldn’t help but scold Ling Zhen as a white-eyed wolf.

They had already inquired about the dance which would happen in the middle of the party. This dance was a very precious opportunity to show your talent!

There were many dance scenes in the drama “The Question of Immortals”. If you could show your talent in dancing at the party, it would definitely be helpful at the audition later!

Thinking of that, Ling Xuan finally felt pleased. 

Naturally, Ling Xuan didn’t tell Ling Zhen about this news at all. After all, Ling Zhen, who didn’t learn dancing from childhood, it was useless to tell her. 

At the party, Ling Zhen could only watch her dancing!

“You have to rest well, and dance well to amaze those investors in the party!!!”

Listening to Mother Ling’s words, Ling Xuan smiled and fell asleep as if she could clearly see everyone’s admiring gaze on her.


Qingxi Investment.

“Through the preliminary market research, and analysis of the original “The Question of Immortals” radio drama and mobile game data, the market acceptance of “The Question of Immortals” is near about…”

“The screenwriter hired by this project has eighteen years experience as the lead writer, he had also written the hit drama “xxx” and “xyz”. The main characters in the script are more or less similar to the original book…”

In the large conference room, there was a formal and serious atmosphere. 

The speaker was facing the man who was sitting on the main seat in the distance and felt slightly scared, so he didn’t dare to make any mistake.

The man sitting at the head position wore a black shirt and a button was loosened at the neckline, making his complexion look pale white, and the mole on his lower neck looked sexy.

His slender fingers were tapped gently on the wooden table.

Many people in the company were stunned by their boss’ looks, but his daunting cold aura had always scared them.

But senior members like Zhao Yan know that although their boss didn’t hold a wedding, he was already married.

Zhao Yan felt very sympathetic to the sister-in-law who he had never met, what kind of life she had to live after marrying this pervert!

However, life was life, and their boss never made any mistakes at work. 

In the drama “The Question of Immortals”,  Qingxi was the most important investor, accounting for 70% of the investment. This was the key project of this quarter. 

When the meeting finally ended, most people walked out of the meeting room with a look of relief. Being pressured by the boss was really tiring!

Zhao Yan and Wei Xi have known each other for many years, and they got along fairly easily.

“This is the strategy for propaganda. The main focus, for now, is next week’s cocktail party. Will Mr. Wei go to the party?”

“Don’t go.” Wei Xi slowly rubbed his eyebrows, and while picking up the suit jacket said, “Go home.”

“So anxious to go home.” Zhao The Question of Immortals showed a gossipy look, and asked, “Go home early to meet my sister-in-law??”


Wei Xi cursed but didn’t deny it.



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Batata Anisia
Batata Anisia
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