GSBVH: Chapter-13


Besides the diner plate, there was a paper gift bag with a sticky note attached to it. 

On the sticky note, there was a traditional Chinese character written in beautiful calligraphy. “You have to eat the rice while it is still hot! And there is also a gift from me. I hope it will help you!!”

Wei Xi’s fingertips unconsciously rubbed those lines a few times, then carefully took off the memo, and opened the gift bag. 

And slowly took out a real gift from the bag. The gift was not a watch or a belt.

But…two books.

One book had the title, “Ways of Being a Kind Person”.

Another book was called, “Don’t Let Your Temper Ruin Your Life”.

Wei Xi clasped the book hard, “…”

At this moment, the wooden door of the bedroom creaked a little, and Ling Zhen walked out of her room rubbing her sleepy eyes.

Ling Zhen was wearing a white cotton nightdress, with long black hair lazily draped over her shoulders, she looked pure yet lustful.

Ling Zhen had just woken up, and she didn’t look afraid of him as during the day.

She yawned and asked, “Have you eaten dinner?”

Wei Xi was still holding the unique gift that she had given him in his hands.


“Then rest early, good night” Ling Zhen softly said with a nasal voice.

Wei Xi didn’t speak and Ling Zhen didn’t wait for his response either, she was feeling very sleepy, so after speaking, she stumbled back to her room again.

Wei Xi was still standing on the spot, and the light was casting a shadow on his brow bone, and his deep eyes were covered in dark.

After a long time, there seemed to be a sound of a chuckle in the hall, followed by a “good night.”

The sound was very low, instantly dissipating in the air.

Ling Zhen returned to her room, but she couldn’t sleep anymore. She simply leaned on the bed and flipped through the script of “The Question of Immortals” that the original body had placed near the pillow.

“The Question of the Immortal” was an important plot in the novel. In the original book, both the male lead and female lead, burst into popularity after the broadcast of the show.

According to the current plot, the crew of “The Question of the Immortals” would first hold a cocktail party in two months, and invite the media and everyone to the audition, creating a lively marketing gimmick.

After that, it would hold a formal audition. 

However, the film “The Question of the Immortals” created a lot of irrelevant casting tests. The audition would not directly determine the cast, but they would select a few suitable candidates, and then take their fixed makeup photos and hold online voting for the role.

In the original book, the exposure and marketing method worked very well creating great success for the movie.

But for the original body, that cocktail party was the beginning of her bleak ending, and also the second blackening point of the villain.

At that time, Wei Xi’s mother became critically ill, and Wei Xi took her to a foreign country for her treatment, but only he was able to come back. 

The original body had yet to fully recover from the plastic surgery, but she didn’t want to miss the opportunity of “The Question of the Immortals”, so she hurriedly went to the reception. 

After returning home, the blackened villain directly went to the reception and saw the full panoramic view of what the original body did and knew who the original body did the plastic surgery for. So, he also added Shen Yan Chu to his enemies’ list. 

The blackened villain boss was unreasonable and tried to suppress Shen Yan Chu very hard. There was a time when he had no announcements or contracts in his hand. 

As for the main culprit, the original body and Ling Xuan, the whistleblower, were hit the hardest in the following months. One was tortured to being half-mad and the other was half-maimed, both unable to escape their fate.

Ling Zhen recalled the original plot in the book, and couldn’t help but slightly shudder. The blackened Wei Xi was used as the tool man by the author, helping the protagonists fall in love with each other.

Because of the difficulties, the female protagonist would always accompany and encourage the male lead and the villain ultimately promoted the emotional line between hero and heroine.

And the effect of the cannon fodder’s like her was to torture them and some refreshment in the story.

Therefore, for the sake of the plot, at that point the villain boss Wei Xi still had the possibility of blackening.

While she was thinking about it, the phone on the bedside table abruptly rang.

For some reason, Ling Zhen’s heart jumped.

Ling Zhen picked up the phone and saw a text message from an unknown number.

The content was, “Are you coming next week?”

Seeing the message, Ling Zhen was a little confused. 

Where? Was it sent to the wrong number?

She didn’t reply, but after a while, another text message came.

“Many producers are coming to the reception, so don’t blame me for not telling you. If you don’t go, I will go to mom to teach you.”

The piece of information was relatively large. First, this number must belong to Ling Xuan, and second, the relationship between the original owner and her sister wasn’t very good.

And third, the timeline of the plot had advanced.



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